Why you should play Destiny 2 in 2023

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Destiny 2 is an ambitious shooter-themed MMO project set in the distant future as humanity confronts an alien invasion of its territory.

The project is a continuation of the first part of Destiny and Halo from the developer company Bangie.

The player must choose one of the three game classes and fight the invaders, go through the storyline, open new raids and strikes, fulfill contracts and participate in PVP.

All these activities will lead to gaining a level and experience and will open up new locations, raids and tasks.

There is an alternative way to get a level and go to a later stage of the game, when the mythical raids and PVP mode Trial of Osiris open.

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Top reasons to play Destiny 2

  • Not boring farming, but hunting
  • Raid and strike system
  • Contracts and assignments
  • Exploration of other planets and satellites
  • PVP mode

Not boring farming, but hunting

Since Destiny 2 is a full-fledged shooter, hunting monsters for experience is no longer a chore.

There is the concept of headshot and cover, monsters can be destroyed using battle group tactics, or just shoot from the hip – as you like.

The game has three characters for which you can play – each is a full-fledged shooter, but with their own distinctive features:

Titan is a defender and master of close combat. Can use a shield to protect himself and allies, and regularly uses his steel fists to scatter enemies in addition to using ranged weapons. You can enhance and add a lightning effect thanks to the subclass system.

Warlock is a magician in the world of shooters. Uses ranged weapons and magic to deal damage to a cluster of enemies, or mass heal allies. The class can be significantly strengthened thanks to the power of the void – now all your attacking skills will deal much more damage to a cluster of targets.

The Hunter is a ranged shooter, master of daggers and disguise. Uses his entire arsenal to stealthily approach the target, or vice versa, eliminate enemies with ranged weapons. Uses daggers and smokes in close combat. The class can be enhanced by the power of the sun – it allows you to concentrate the attack in one powerful shot that breaks through the armor of even the toughest enemies.

Raid and strike system

The system of raids and strikes is an opportunity to challenge bosses of varying difficulty for the sake of getting good quality equipment, experience, sparkles and just an interesting pastime while assaulting enemy positions.

Strikes are a more simplified version, and from them you will begin your acquaintance with the raid system. The run is designed for three players and is not a difficult task. Rather informative and dynamic. You will enter the zone, exterminate the monsters and the head of the dungeon, take the reward and leave the battlefield.

Raids are more difficult, but they have difficulty levels. The more difficult the raid, the more participants are needed for a guaranteed victory and there is still a chance of failure, as the boss uses his retinue, cunning and skills. It is in these dungeons that you get the best game equipment, and all raids have interesting gameplay and mechanics.

Each new update brings new epic raids and strikes with new gameplay for an interesting game, and not all of them are conquered at once.

Contracts and assignments

Contracts are systemic and optional tasks that are quite profitable to complete in order to gain experience.

These are errands that change by week and typically involve the following conditions:

  • Kill certain monsters
  • Destroy targets with a specific weapon
  • Shoot in the head

Each task has no restrictions, except for the total time. For example, if an order is issued for one day, then it will be updated exactly in 24 hours and it doesn’t matter if you do it right away, or 5 minutes before the shift.

If you have completed all the contracts that are allotted for a week, you can renew them in advance without waiting for a replacement – for this you need to pay glitter, the local currency of Destiny 2. Thus, if you have sufficient funds, you can convert money into experience and hunt.

Exploration of other planets and satellites

Since all the actions of the Destiny 2 universe take place on earth, gradually humanity rebuffs the aliens and begins to counterattack and simultaneously study other satellites and planets.

So, in the Lightfall update, the player will be able to go to Neptune to complete story missions, get acquainted with the local command and explore the penultimate planet of the solar system.

PVP mode

The engine of pumping and progress in MMO projects is PVP. Players spend hours and days to equip their character with the best items and weapons, get special projectiles, and strengthen the subclass. Everything is done to fight each other in the PVP mode and find out who is the strongest shooter on the server.

Destiny 2 has a special mode – Trial of Osiris.

This is a PVP zone in which groups of three players fight each other in a limited arena within the allotted time in order to accumulate a series of victories.

The team that manages to achieve 7 victories in a row will receive a rare seasonal reward that is updated every period.

For beginners, this is an occasion to noticeably improve their equipment, and for avid players – a way to measure their strength with others.

Usually given a legendary weapon or armor. The reward can be obtained for 3 and 5 victories in a row, but the most valuable is given just for 7 victories in a row.

The rounds pass quickly and even in the case of frequent defeats, you will be able to work out your tactics and gradually move towards your cherished goal. When you get your first legendary gun, you will notice how the next seasons will start to come a little easier and faster.

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