What sites should be familiar with when starting to play World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is a huge MMO RPG universe that has become a cult classic over the years. The game has undergone a huge number of updates and changes and it will not be easy for a new player to get used to such a huge world.

To better understand the mechanics, leveling system, activities, professions, raids, you need to regularly visit all the main game events, read a lot of sites and forums and interact with various services.

What sites and services are better to work with in order to understand the World of Warcraft:

  • Skycoach
  • Wowpedia
  • MaxDpS


Skycoach is a service with various services for players. The resource offers game gold, leveling and passing raids, arena boosting coaching, PVP points and arena leveling, PVP training.

  • Gold
  • Coaching in PVP
  • Passage of raids


Gold, as a currency, is one of the most sought after items in World of Warcraft. For gold, equipment and weapons are purchased, the character is strengthened, potions and materials for upgrading professions are bought.

To quickly replenish the missing supply of gold, or get the right amount for a rare type of equipment, you can simply buy gold.

Skycoach disguises the transfer of gold under the guise of a deal between the players so that the server administration does not even have a formal reason to impose sanctions and suspect the player of RMT.

The service guarantees a refund in case of disputable situations and can arrange the supply of gold in any quantity.

Coaching in PVP

World of Warcraft is interesting to many players because of the developed PVP component in the game. PVP can be found literally everywhere – in game locations, meeting a representative of the enemy faction, in arenas, in large-scale battles for control of the territories. WoW rewards active and militant characters for PVP and allows you to use a special battle currency to buy enhanced equipment. But the currency is issued only for victories, and the player will first have to learn how to win in his class.

Skycoach provides a professional player who will teach you the basics of PVP, understanding positioning, knowing your strongest sides and skills, and gradually, in a few lessons, teach you how to confidently earn your first PVP coins.

Passage of raids

Raiding is a tricky but very important part of character development and enjoyment of challenging content in World of Warcraft.

A raid is always an interesting fight with monsters and a strong boss, especially if you play it on mythic difficulty, where every mistake can lead to failure, but victory will bring the best equipment that the server has.

But not all players have the ability to gather a large group and the desire to share the reward. To do this, Skycoach offers a raid with a group of professional players.


Wowpedia is the best source of information for preparing for raids and understanding how to complete this or that story quest.

The site is populated by other players and the information is provided with pictures and a map when it comes to NPCs or areas where you need to accurately orient yourself.

When preparing for a raid, you will be able to read information about the entry point, the minimum number of people that must be to enter the dungeon. A list of monsters and bosses to be destroyed and their exact description – health level, attack power, special skills and, most importantly, a drop list.

After reviewing the boss drop list, you can understand whether the raid is worth your efforts and what is the most valuable reward you can get.

If you decide to study professions and understand how they are interconnected and how to properly upgrade blacksmithing, combining it with ore mining, in order to craft and sell excellent armor and weapons, you need to read the corresponding descriptions and guides on blacksmithing.


Wowhead is a huge base with guides, tips and changes that have been in World of Warcraft over a long period of time.

When heading to a new hunting zone, you can explore Wowhead for valuable monsters that can be encountered and looted from them, or study the location of key resources from mining, or herbs that can be collected for further professions, or sold to other players to earn gold.

On Wowhead, you can find guides on playable characters and even a comparison of development paths and the main benefits from each of them.

For example, when choosing a magician, you can read about the fire and ice branch, compare attacking skills and curses, and choose the direction that impresses you more. If you do not rely on the meta and strengths of the character, you can quickly lose interest in the game, because the character at some point will become weak in PVP and not strong enough in PVE to fully enjoy World of Warcraft.

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