How to Increase YouTube Engagement in 2021

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Getting loads of likes, comments and shares on their videos is the ultimate dream of every youtuber. However, not many manage to fulfil this dream of getting ample YouTube engagement.

With this thought, here are 5 simple tips that will help youtubers to increase their YouTube engagement in 2021.

Many youtubers also buy YouTube subscribers that are genuine YouTube users, in order to increase the watch time, which in turn increase the overall engagement on the channel.

How does YouTube measure engagement on a channel?

YouTube measure the engagement on a video in terms of likes / dislikes, shares, comments and subscribers gained or lost. Hence, in order to gain a handsome engagement rate on their channel, youtubers must focus on these metrics and how to increase them.

Here in, number of shares and subscribers gained matter the most, as shares indicates social proof and subscribers gain depict quality of video.

When the overall engagement on a YouTube channel increases, the total channel views and watch time also increases, which leads to better ranking in the SERPs.

How to increase YouTube engagement?

Here are the top 5 things youtubers can do increase their YouTube engagement:

Tip 1- Show Up!

  • Reach the target audience- Before youtubers go about thinking how to get more likes and comments on their videos, they should make sure their videos are reaching the target audience. For this, youtubers should optimize their videos using relevant keywords.
  • Find relevant keywords for video- Youtubers can find important keywords using tools such as Google Trends, Keyword Planner, YouTube search suggestion feature etc.
  • Optimize video using relevant keywords- The next step would be to optimize the video title, meta description as well as the video tags using these keywords. Well-optimized videos become more discoverable in the SERPs.

When videos show up everywhere the target viewer is, it gets more organic traffic and subsequently, more views and engagement.

Tip 2- Encourage viewers to engage

  • Why this is important- Sometimes, viewers need a little positive acknowledgment and encouragement in order to engagement with the content.
  • Ask viewers to like / comment / share / subscribe- If youtubers warmly ask their viewers to like / share / comment & subscribe at the start and end of each video, the viewers get much-needed push to engage with the content.
  • Reply to comments- When youtubers reply to their viewer’s comments, they feel acknowledged and hence, become more loyal to the channel. This also increases YouTube engagement rate on the channel.

When creators interact with their audience, they create an intimate and meaningful connection with them.

Tip 3- Post videos consistently

  • Why this is important- When creators publish video consistently, they manage to create a library of content on their channel, which helps them to gain higher YouTube engagement rate. Also, YouTube algorithm observes this as a good practice.
  • Create an upload schedule- In order to publish videos regularly, create an upload schedule in such a way, that it allows time for creating good quality content but also not keeps your viewers waiting for long.
  • Let’s viewers know when to come back- When youtubers upload videos on a schedule, for example- every Tuesday, the viewers know when to come back for the next video.

Thus, publishing videos regularly on a schedule, helps youtubers to retain maximum viewers, which leads to a better YouTube engagement.

Tip 4- Head over to Analytics

  • What is YouTube Analytics- YouTube allows creators on its platform to assess the performance of their channel and videos by providing metrics which provide valuable insights into what is working in favour of them and what is not.
  • Track engagement metrics- According to rules of YouTube engagement, YouTube measures engagement on any video in terms of likes / dislikes, comments, shares and subscribers lost or gained. Thus, youtubers have to track these metrics.
  • Analyse engagement metrics- Creators should analyse these metrics to understand what kind of content the viewers are loving and focus on creating more such content in order to gain more YouTube engagement.

YouTube analytics provides valuable insights into how the audience is receiving their content.

Tip 5- Create sharp thumbnails and video titles

  • Why this is important- The thumbnail and video title are the first things a viewer sees when they find your video on YouTube. Thus, they have to provoke them to click and watch the video.
  • Create a custom thumbnail- Create a thumbnail for your video that is smart, sharp and complements the video title. Make sure it follows the rule of thirds. Add big text to it contrasting to the background in order to catch attention
  • Instil a sense of urgency through the video title- The video title should not be plain and boring. Instead, it should tell the viewers what they will miss if they do not click on the video. Also, it should complement the thumbnail in such a manner, that they both together tell one story.

If youtubers manage to make a viewer click on their video, a little encouragement will be enough to persuade them to engage with the video, contributing to the overall YouTube channel engagement.

Follow these tips to gain amazing YouTube channel engagement rate!

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