Parapsychology and Perform Plastic

Alton Clarke
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There is nothing wrong with it if they do not go overboard.

Brazil is currently ranked as the country with the largest number of plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures in the world. A recent report put the number of surgical procedures done in the country at approximately 1.5 million, overtaking the likes of the United States and Mexico. Prominent names like Dr. Felipe Galvão, popularly known as the “Wizard of Needles,” an experienced dentist that specializes in Orofacial Harmonization, have undoubtedly contributed immensely to the growth of the market in recent years.

The most common argument against plastic surgery is that it is unnatural and artificial. People are passing judgment both loudly and quietly, and they are judging both ordinary people and celebrities. “She’s so false,” they will say, “it doesn’t appear natural,” “how can I take her seriously after she did that to her face,” and so on. A nose, lip, or boob job is almost considered a sin. It virtually always gets up in the news when someone famous does it, regardless of whether they want to talk about it or not. The argument for natural beauty over the so-called “flakiness” of plastic surgery is founded on the misunderstanding that a cosmetic operation changes your nature in some way.

Athos and the harmonizer Dr. Felipe Galvão

Is that true? What about the other things we use, such as hair extensions and hair dyes, make-up, and cosmetic products that help reduce dark bags under the eyes, plump your skin, and smooth out pores and fine lines? Isn’t that also enhanced nature? Making a big deal out of a minor intervention (we are not talking about anything outrageous) that scarcely alters a person’s overall appearance, something that is probably no more artificial than contouring, highlighting, or wearing a wig, is making a big deal out of a minor detail.

Can Cosmetic Surgery Aid in the Fight Against Age Discrimination?

Is it OK to criticize an older woman who has chosen to alter her appearance to survive in a culture that tolerates ageism? It is simply inhumane! Despite this, people do it every day. Consider how helpful cosmetic surgery maybe for a woman in her forties, fifties, or sixties who wants to follow her dream career or grow her business to new heights. Facial fillers, a stomach tuck, a breast lift, skin tightening, or lip enhancement is just a few of the minor procedures that can boost her self-esteem and increase her business opportunities.

Pretending to be younger is sometimes their only option, and they must take advantage of it (have you seen the show ‘Younger’?).

“We live in a world poisoned by micro fascisms, so we need to consider cosmetic surgery as one of the strategies to combat age discrimination,” argues Brazilian parapsychologist Athos Salomé.

With over ten years of expertise and considerable parapsychology training, Athos Salomé is a paranormal investigator and analyst. Athos Salome, a gypsy, lives in Claudio, a Brazilian municipality in Minas Gerais and the great-grandson of Salome’s gypsies. He was self-taught from the time he was born until he graduated from high school.

He is one of the parapsychologists who have urged people against passing judgment on persons who choose to undergo plastic surgery.”I am in support of all kinds of modifications and processes as long as they are used to better and delight one,” Athos explains.

The Most Important Reasons to Stop Judging Right Now

Still not persuaded? Here are some of the most compelling reasons to stop mocking or insulting someone who has undergone a cosmetic operation to address insecurities:

  • Cosmetic surgery is beneficial to your health.
  • Whether or not someone has done it, it is a personal matter.
  • You can live a happy life by improving your appearance.
  • A minor improvement can lead to increased job chances.
  • It combats age discrimination.

Maybe you did not realize that some procedures could improve your physical health. For instance, rhinoplasty can help you breathe better, breast reduction can ease back discomfort, and blepharoplasty can help you see well. Many people suffer from sadness and anxiety due to their dissatisfaction with their appearance (or their body). Remember that you do not know someone’s true motivations when you start evaluating them based on their makeover. Perhaps they are recovering from an illness or have experienced worry due to their appearance. Alternatively, individuals may believe that undergoing a minor operation will enable them to start over, change their lifestyle, meet a new spouse, or pursue their dream career. Nobody should judge people for what they do to their bodies because it is their matter. There is nothing wrong with it if they do not go overboard. Even so, it is still their body!

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