How to check stocks for online trade

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The first thing to look out for when wanting to trade stock is to check for the Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio, Beta that is the stock’s vitality, dividends of the stock you want to invest in, and the chart. The best way to protect your assets is by investing in long terms stocks, except if you have the time top-notch market trading skills; if not risky trading strategies should be avoided or rather minimized. It is also very important to choose the best brokers that will make trading easier for you, by providing you with educational tools, and real-time charts, price- to- earnings ratio, and net margins. One of the best brokers used in the trading of stocks is StocksCM.

When it comes to the trading of stocks it is safer to do thorough research before starting off, one of the best selling stocks at the moment is Apple (AAPL). Apple deals on the designs, manufacture, and sale of smartphones, tablets, wearables, and accessories, Apple generates its revenue from different part of the world, we have the U.S. market, Europe market, Asia Pacific, Greater China, and Japan. The U.S generates the highest revenue of about 45% every year, Europe comes in second, generating about 23%, then there’s Great china and Japan that generate 17 and 8 percent respectively. When the revenue generated in these various regions is combined the total revenue apple generates racks up to $265.6 billion for 2018 and $260.2 billion for 2019. Apple products and services consist of iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Mac, Apple Watch, iCloud, Beat products, Apple care, Apple TV, streaming, licensing services, and digital content stores.

The main product behind Apple’s wide range of sales is the iPhone. One of the most sort after the smartphone, it was first launched in the year 2007, it skyrocketed the massive growth of Apple products and services. But recent research shows that iPhone sales dropped a bit because users prefer waiting for the latest version o as to upgrade. Investors are wondering about the next product that will pump up their sales. Apple is set to launch a new product, iPhone 12.

Since the recovery from the crash of the stock market due to the effect of the coronavirus Apple stock has been doing very well. AAPL stock has an IBD Relative Strength Rating of 96 out of 99. That places it within the top 4% of stocks over the past 12 months. Apple stock has an IBD Composite Rating of 95 out of 99, according to the IBD Stock Checkup tool. IBD’s composite rating is made up of five separate propriety ratings of fundamental and technical performance into one single rating. Apple was the first company to attain a value of $1 trillion in the year 2018. In early June it also gained a market value of $1.5 trillion. In August 2019 Apple gained a value of $2 trillion, Apple analyst Gene Munster, managing partner at Loup Ventures, indicated that sometime in this decade Apple stock could reach a $3 trillion market cap.

AAPL Stock Technical Analysis


Date                    Open       High        Low        Close   AdjClose    Volume

Sep 11, 2020       114.57   115.23   110.03   112.00   112.00   176,498,411

Sep 10, 2020       120.36   120.50   112.50   113.49   113.49   181,425,600

Sep 09, 2020       117.26   119.14   115.26   117.32   117.32   176,940,500

Sep 08, 2020       113.95   118.99   112.68   112.82   112.82   231,366,600

Sep 04, 2020       120.07   123.70   110.89   120.96   120.96   332,607,200

Sep 03, 2020       126.91   128.84   120.50   120.88   120.88   257,599,600

Sep 02, 2020       137.59   137.98   127.00   131.40   131.40   200,119,000

Apple is trading near its support, which is good. It indicates that the bulls won’t give up so easily. Now it would be a good time for a reaction. If a stock is close to its support, the Risk/Reward ratio is usually very good, and this attracts buyers. However, if the support at the black line is lost, it will attract a short-seller and it will stop the buyers. We could see a bearish run if this happens.

StocksCM Analyst Chris Rice indicated that Apple is in quite a dangerous situation now. After hitting a target of $144 it seems to be struggling a lot in that region, which means it is an important point of stock. He also indicated that Apple is trading between the 21 ema and the support at $ 114, meaning the bulls can’t defeat the resistance at the 21 ema, but the bears can’t defeat the support at the purple line. But since the volume is decreasing and the 21 ema is starting to point downwards, it seems the bears are getting the upper hand. If bulls are serious on Apple, we must see a reaction quickly, because the range between the 21 ema and the support is getting tighter. Either way, the momentum is bearish, and if Apple loses its support at the purple line, the gaps will be our next target. But I’m skeptical about a new crash, so, it is a little too soon to jump into any conclusion.

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