Best Energy Stocks to Invest in 2024

Nicole Ann Pore
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Energy Stocks to Invest

For people wanting to make money from the changing world energy market, putting money in energy stocks might be a good chance. As 2024 comes closer, some energy companies are showing good signs of growth. In this article, we look at the top 5 energy companies that investors should consider buying.

  • Coal India Limited (NSE: COALINDIA):

In a country where coal is still very important for making power, Coal India Limited helps with this. It’s one of the biggest companies in India that digs up coal. Even though the world is moving towards renewable energy, coal still provides electricity and is an important resource. Investors wishing to get access to the coal business should give Coal India share price some thought, given its vital role in the Indian energy sector and continuous initiatives to modernize and implement sustainable practices.

  • Steel Authority of India Limited (NSE: SAIL):

Given the steel industry’s involvement with building infrastructure and energy efficiency projects, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) offers a fascinating chance to invest in the energy sector. SAIL share price stronghold in the Indian market is enhanced by the rising need for steel due to increasing development and infrastructure activity. Furthermore, SAIL’s dedication to environmental responsibility makes it more appealing to socially aware investors as the steel sector adopts cleaner technology and sustainable practices.

  • NTPC Limited (NSE: NTPC)

As India’s largest power generation company, NTPC plays a pivotal role in meeting the country’s electricity demands. With a diverse fuel mix including coal, gas, hydro and renewable energy, NTPC is aligning itself to support India’s energy transition. Its expanding renewable capacity and focus on sustainability make NTPC a compelling investment for those seeking exposure to India’s power sector.

  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (NSE: ONGC)

ONGC is the biggest oil and gas company in India, giving about 70% of home production. It’s important for India to have interests in the whole process of hydrocarbon because it helps meet the country’s energy needs. As a big company owned by the government, ONGC can get benefits from increasing world need and important home plans for natural gas. As more findings and new jobs are coming up, ONGC gives a strong chance to put money in Indian oil and gas.

  • Indian Oil Corporation (NSE: IOC)

Indian Oil Corporation is the biggest business in India. It controls what happens after the production – making oil better, moving it through pipes and selling petroleum products. IOC is planning to grow and use green hydrogen in the future. They are getting ready for when India needs more fuel. IOC’s good money-making, close connection with petrochemicals and high sales amounts make it worth trying for people wanting to gain from India’s energy business growth.


Prior to making any investing decisions, it’s important for investors to be careful with the stock market and thoroughly look into everything. An investment’s success can’t guarantee what will happen next, and stock prices change a lot. In addition, the way energy stocks play can be affected by outside things. These include what happens in the market, big events between countries and rule changes. When it comes to regular power, clean energy or iron industry every stock has a special mix of good and bad points. When picking investments in the busy and changing energy business, investors should think carefully about their goals, how much risk they can handle, and what’s happening right now in the market.

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