How Playing Online Games Can Help Your Team Work Smarter?

Erika White
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Most of us have experienced that team-building exercises lead to improved collaboration between departments, teams, and colleagues over the years. These online games can be anywhere, like the meeting or conference room, over a zoom call, or an outdoor activity. 

The objective is for team members to work effectively and efficiently and learn the techniques to solve problems and advance communication skills. Most people will tell you that playing video games will make you smarter. 

Online games can improve your attention span and decision-making capabilities. In fact, in this article, we will discuss how playing an online game will help you to make your team work smarter.   

Effect of online games on attention

  • Your attention control can be enhanced by playing online games. Research shows that online games include action genres like high-speed games and have objects that show instant visual fields. These games have advantages like attention abilities and perceptuality.
  • Action games need the players to focus on a particular object or entity. So, online action games provide and improve selective attention and an individual’s ability to concentrate. 
  • Action gamers can track mobile objects quicker and better than regular gamers. In comparison to non-gamer counterparts, they have a better level of spatial awareness. Most children look for games to play with friends online

Effect of online games on memory and learning

  • According to research, when gamers and non-gamers memory was compared, it was shown that gamers have excelled in tasks regarding retaining memories much better than non-gamers. 
  • Also, visual memory positively impacts accuracy from online games because of the sensitive visual cues. 
  • According to preliminary research, online games can affect school performance but not their intelligence. 

How do video games impact decision-making?

A study was conducted. Participants were formed into two groups aged 18-25. The first group played Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament for 50 hours. And the other group played Sims for 50 hours. As a result, the action gamers could make decisions 25% faster without sacrificing accuracy. 

Also, decision-making abilities are improved through interactive video games, according to research. There are several games to play with friends online on the web to improve your decision-making ability. 

Do video games increase IQ?

When school was not ready, games intellectually and adequately challenged us as kids as they have higher fluid IQs with selection and filtration. 

Several types of research show that most students want mastery and challenges that online games provide them. It creates a feedback loop. You can search for games to play with friends online on the web.  


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you with everything you need to know about how playing an online game will help you to make your teamwork smarter than we mentioned above after thorough research for you. 

We don’t know what effect video games have on intelligence as it is a broad concept. According to research, it is seen that online games have a tangible impact on cognition. 

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