Granny Flat Building Key Tips on How to Choose the Right Position for Your Granny Flat

Warren James
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With record-low financing rates, the Government’s Home Builder money incentives, and the potential elimination of Capital Gains Tax on Granny Flats, there has never been a better time to invest in a Granny Flat on your home than now, with significant demand for affordable living across Australia and the ACT. But where should it be constructed? The Granny Flat Solutions expert will show you how to find the granny flat building key tips. The finest location for your granny flat is in this article.

For Orientation, Look at Natural Lighting

Examine the climate and location of your home, as well as the direction your backyard faces. Take into account your cooling and heating requirements. In terms of energy efficiency, the direction of your Granny Flat can produce a huge change, cutting your power bills while keeping you comfy for longer.

In general, you should position your Granny Flat to take advantage of natural light and wind direction. Because they are sunny all day, north-facing backyards are especially desirable in locations that require winter heating. In hotter climates, though, they may become scorching in the summer if there is no shade or cool wind.

For a Granny Flat that requires passive heating, for example, optimum orientation entails utilizing natural solar energy as a free source of heat throughout the winter months. Choose a Granny Flat location that permits the living room, kitchen, and dining room windows to face north and receive sunlight all day, as this is typically where most of the time indoors is spent. This living area should ideally flow out to an outdoor entertaining area with the same orientation as the living area, so you can watch the sunrise and sunset.

Take into account who will be living in the granny flat

It’s crucial to consider who the Granny Flat will be created for when deciding on the best location. Are you constructing it to provide an economical aged care option for your aging parents? Are you constructing it as an investment property that will house tenants? Or are you providing a private residence for your adult children while they save for a home of their own? This will have an impact on the size of your Granny Flat’s living area and where it should be placed in your garden.

Consider the noise aspect of a particular location, especially if you have exceptionally noisy neighbors or live near a highway, for your elderly parents. For the elderly, accessibility is also important, so if you’re creating a Granny Flat for them, make sure the path from the parking space to the front door of the Granny Flat is as level as possible without any potential trip hazards.

Conclusion:- Building a Granny Flat in your backyard has never been easier or more economical. Granny Flat Solutions is a distinctly Australian family-owned and operated company with a long history of constructing customers’ ideal Granny Flats and home extensions. This means Granny Flat Solutions has the expertise to construct on sloping, narrow, or challenging ground, allowing you to make the most of your investment. Choose the correct builder after you’ve decided on the best Granny Flat location!

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