Does Charity Work Make for a Better Finance Associate? Will Floersheimer Says Yes!

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If you are working in the finance world, there is a pretty good chance you are familiar with J.P. Morgan Finance Associate Will Floersheimer. Floersheimer, whose impressive resume both includes managing a $70 billion dollar portfolio in just his third year, is a finance managing genius who has worked in public and private fields creating new portfolios.

But what many who don’t personally know Will Floersheimer (BrokerCheck) might not realize is the finance associate has long been an advocate for volunteering and organizing charity work. Will is famously known for starting a multi-million dollar registered 501c3 charity as a mere high schooler with continued philanthropic work at his fraternity at the University of Southern California.

So how has this attention to charitable causes affected how Will Floersheimer works in finance? And likewise, has this attention to charity brought new clarity to understanding markets and how to build a portfolio? Will Floersheimer says the answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes.

Creating Charity in High School, Building Experience at a Young Age

While attending high school at the prestigious Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut, Will Floersheimer first realized he could be a positive change in the world. Teaming up with a number of classmates, Will created the Blue Blazer fund, a 501c3 registered nonprofit charity designed to take gently-used blazers and sell them to raise profits for youth in Netanya, Israel.

He and his team created the nonprofit through fundraising efforts, grant applications, fundraising efforts and ended up collecting over a quarter-million dollars for the cause. But what else did he learn in the process?

Well first, Floersheimer ended up traveling internationally to work on the ground in Israel to make this dream come to fruition, learning and navigating international exchanges and laws, as well as picking up several new languages, notably Spanish and Italian, which all assisted in his efforts to provide international support.

It also allowed him to make a number of high-level contacts and understand the importance of managing multiple factors again over an international setting, which certainly set the ground-work for his introduction into business school and later public and private portfolios.

Finally, Will admits that charity nonprofit work is some of the hardest there is in any sector. Raising a majority of funds and financing through hard work and creating contacts to get the job done, Floersheimer was constantly having to remain vigilant for new opportunities, all while managing Blue Blazer businesses and funds, finding new ways to make money for a good cause. It’s that hard work ethic he learned here that would later introduce new ways for him to take the same principles and apply them to his career at J.P. Morgan.

Continuing Philanthropy in College, and How Will Floersheimer Learned Balance

The success of the Blue Blazer, while not necessarily replicated in college, still fueled his philanthropic efforts at his USC fraternity. But this time, it was finding time for philanthropic activities while leading in a fraternity, playing division 1 sports on Southern Cal’s collegiate lacrosse team, and managing a terrific GPA at one of the nation’s best business schools.

Will has stated that not only is it important to not only learn to manage charity with other aspects of life but in many ways, keeping philanthropy in mind puts focus on the importance of helping others. Likewise, philanthropy is constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve efforts to fit the direct needs of those it supports, which translated perfectly to Floersheimer’s own ability to find the most creative and helpful solutions in finance as well.

Will Floersheimer And Continued Philanthropy As a Finance Associate

To this day, Floersheimer is continuing to find opportunities to assist with charitable causes, including The Lord’s Place, a Florida-based nonprofit that works with the homeless population. And yes, he’s doing this all from the West Coast.

The charity has bragged on Will, calling him an enthusiastic and amazing resource, whether he was working in one of their many Thrift Stores to today when he’s implementing the knowledge that he’s learned fundraising by taking over their virtual auctions. Will’s even been known to auction off the items himself at events.

Not only that, but he’s also found new ways to best set up thrift stores to maximize their own portfolios as well, as he works alongside clients walking them through a variety of potential jobs, as well as helping them to build a successful future.

Floersheimer has stated that it feels great to have come full circle and that not only did building a charity help him to guide his path towards his impressive career, but he’s been able to take the things he’s built as a finance associate and use them to give back as well.

If you or your business is looking to upgrade your financial options or find new philanthropic Will Floersheimer may have some insight to help you. He’s sure to provide innovative solutions and a specialized eye to help your organization see opportunities and investments that will help your company grow today. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter or @wfoersheimer on Instagram.

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