Debunking 5 popular myths of the AFCAT examination

Jones Smith
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Welcome, Indian Air Force Officers of the future! We know that you are preparing for the Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT), and best of luck with that! Today this article is based on information that many of the candidates are not aware of. While preparing for the examination, have you come across certain myths that make you worry? Of course, you have. Your fellow aspirants may have told you about certain things that made you panic. Before completing the syllabus from AFCAT Books and revision, this confused state of mind won’t help you out. Hence, read this content where we debunked popular myths associated with the AFCAT examination.

Popular myths on not to believe as an IAF AFCAT Aspirant

  1. Working in the IAF is the same as the other government sector

Indian Air Force (IAF) is part of a defence organization under the Indian Government. Your colleagues may have told you about the benefits and relaxing life of the government job. But the same case is not applied in the IAF. Here as an officer, you have to perform multiple roles and responsibilities. Security, logistics and other challenges are always ready to stop your path. Many of you don’t know that an SSB interview is equally important to clear, like the AFCAT exam. The interview round is challenging for candidates who only consider perks and incentives as a part of the job. Therefore, if you have a passion for serving your nation, then only appear for the examination.

  1. Only focus on SSB; AFACT is easy to crack

If you have appeared for other government exams, one mantra you have understood that ‘NOTHING IS EASY IN THIS COMPETITIVE WORLD’. Whether it’s a Civil Services Examination or the AFCAT, you have to clear every examination stage to get your dream job. Many aspirants think that AFCAT paper is very easy and they can meet the AFCAT Cut Off criteria. However, the final results break down their expectations because they were only focusing on the SSB interview. Both stages of the examination, the AFCAT test and SSB interview, is important to clear. Both are challenging, and you have to be serious about them because many aspirants fail in AFCAT, putting efforts only for the SSB round.

  1. Hindi medium students can’t qualify

English medium aspirants think they are the master who can clear the AFCAT paper. But my dear readers, the AFCAT paper have a simple English language that even a Hindi Medium Student can understand. Many Hindi medium aspirants clear this examination with a good score. It is a fact that English students will find the paper easy to understand, but the main thing required to clear it is seriousness. If Hindi medium students are serious and zeal to for clearing, they can reach their objective.

  1. Six months or a year for preparation

See. Preparation time is based on your abilities. If you have the talent and confidence to prepare the AFCAT syllabus, only 3 to 5 months is sufficient. Have command over the exam syllabus, practice sample questions and keep yourself updated to clear the examination. However, if you are taking a one year break from studies for preparation, it’s your choice. It is advisable not to waste much time in preparation because your age will also increase.

  1. It is rocket science

If you have a fear of exams, then every paper is rocket science for you. AFCAT exam is like every other exam which you have cleared in the past. Remember your 10th and 12th board exams. How much tough it was? So don’t panic after hearing the word exam and start preparing for it accordingly.

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