3 Reasons to Invest in Public Relations in Colombia

Alton Clarke
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When companies decide to enter a new territory, they must take into account that, just as the legal framework is different, the market and audience are also different in each country, and public relations strategies should vary as a result. Beyond merely establishing themselves in a new market, companies should be concerned about investing in public relations, to assertively communicate to this new audience.

Colombia is currently one of the most difficult countries in which to do business, according to the TMF Group’s Global Corporate Complexity Index 2021. This is due to bureaucracy and lack of digitization in the processes involving companies and the State, which makes it difficult to create new businesses or establish international companies in this market.

However, there are certain characteristics that make Colombia an attractive destination for companies, such as its geographical advantages, trade agreements, and legal benefits incentivising foreigners to settle there.

We have previously highlighted the importance of public relations for companies, not only for positioning, but also for maintaining a good reputation. This is even more important when companies decide to enter an unfamiliar market, where communicating should not be overlooked.

Below are 3 reasons to invest in public relations in Colombia:

  • A centralised media: The traditional production and dissemination of information in Colombia is in the hands of a select few, which makes it even more crucial to invest in public relations. If you do not have a proper media strategy when communicating, then you will not reach your audience by this means. However, more and more alternative channels are emerging, and can be leveraged by public relations experts, matching the message with the medium.
  • A competitive market: According to figures from the Registro Único Empresarial y Social, 93 micro-businesses were created daily in Colombia in 2021, making the country a highly competitive market. Public relations is the complementary and necessary tool required to position your company, giving it a voice within the industry and relevance among your users and potential customers.
  • A changing legal framework: Public relations, beyond communicating on behalf of companies, calls for great attention to the environment, in order to foresee and mitigate risky situations. In Colombia, the legal frameworks in different sectors are highly volatile due to emerging technologies and new, growing needs. Therefore, when investing in public relations, it is of vital importance that listening to the environment is included within the communication strategy, to define key messages and audiences during these potential moments of crisis.

The development of public relations will help your company to position itself and establish its reputation in the market. When investing in public relations in Colombia, remember that it is based on the business reality and the economic sector in which the company operates, and that this should be one of the top priorities of your management and employees.

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