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 If you’ve been planning a holiday somewhere, Cathay Pacific is here to help you fulfill your dreams. After all, they have hands-on experience helping millions of people across the globe have quality time with themselves. Now with the introduction of the Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard, things got easier than ever. Now you don’t have to struggle with coming across the best way to pay for a flight booking. So if you splurge through these cards, you will eventually be entitled to some of the most sought-after benefits and membership perks that people aspire to get. When it comes to traveling to a certain location across the globe, people get excited because they will experience a new culture. However, the tables can quickly get turned if disruption is created due to any issue. However, when it comes to Cathay pacific, they make sure that their customers don’t have to go anywhere else. They have the best solution for all payment problems, of course. Here in this feature, we will shed light on the incredible mastercards and how they can help you make the necessary payments on time.

Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard

The Welcome Offer

With this card, you are eligible for flying upto 60,000 Asia Miles.

The Marco Polo Privileges

You will earn 20 points for the Marco Polo club with every HKD 100,000 that you spend. With the 100 club points, you will be entitled to intriguing benefits.

The Mile Earning Rewards

HKD3: A1 individuals can easily spend on HK  Express and Cathay flights. No wonder this is going to be a thrilling and exciting experience.

HKD4: the A1 individual is entitled to spending on inflight dining, online work, and the overseas categories. Consult the customer services personnel to know more about the Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard to develop a better understanding.

HKD6:the A1 individual will be allowed to spend on amenities that are provided under the categories registered with the Hong Kong Dollars

Asia Miles Redemption

You can easily avail of a 10% discount as soon as you redeem the hotels, rentals, and travel experience with the Asian miles. Also, when you settle for an upgrade, you will be allowed to make the most out of the transfer or even give the Asia miles.

You also get to save 10% money through the dining redemption. Not to forget, the Cathay Pacific inflight dining is an experience of a lifetime, so you wouldn’t want to miss it for sure.

The Annual Fee Waiver

Every new cardholder is allowed an annual fee waiver within the first year of using these cards.

Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard-Priority Banking

The Welcome Offer

You can travel upto 100,000 Asian Miles through the use of this card.

Marco Polo Privileges

Here, you get the 12-month exclusive Marco Polo silver club membership, which is inclusive of unlimited access to the most sought-after Business class lounges. All you have to do is, check in with the designated Business class counters before finally setting off.

You can easily earn around 20 Marco polo club points for every HKD 100,000. This means you can also earn upto 100 club points and earn a plethora of benefits.

Miles Earning Rewards

HKD3:A1 individuals can spend on the HK Express and Cathay flights as well.

HKD4: A1 is eligible for inflight dining and also the different overseas categories.

HKD6:A1 is entitled to spending on categories that directly result in a strong connection to Hong Kong.

Asia Miles Redemption

You are eligible for a 10% discount as soon as you redeem the car rentals,  hotels and have an amazing travel experience with the Asian miles. Also, when you renew or upgrade your mileage, you can transfer some part of your Asian Miles.

Here, you are also eligible to save 10% on dining experiences. As explained earlier, the food offered by Cathay Pacific is scrumptious, so you better not miss out on anything.

The Annual Fee Waiver

You can easily become a priority banking client if you have funds worth HKD 1,000,000 or above. However, for this to happen, you must have filled the requirements to redeem the annual fee waiver.

Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard-Priority Private

The Welcome Offer

With this card, you can easily fly upto 200,000 Asian Miles.

The Marco Polo Privileges

Here, you’ve got the 12-month gold membership with the Marco Polo Club with access to unlimited Business class lounges. These lounges are award-winning and have quite a strong reputation among all the people around.

You can easily earn upto 20 points for every HKD 100,000 that you spend. Furthermore, you also get to enjoy additional 100 club points.

The Miles Earning Rewards

HKD3: here, the A1 is entitled to spending on HK Express and Cathay.

HKD4: A1 can spend on online services, dining, and the different overseas categories.

HKD6: A1 is eligible to spend on every category where the Hong Kong dollars are involved.

The Asia Miles Redemption

You can easily apply for a 10% discount after redeeming the travel experiences and the car rents, which is also inclusive of redeeming the hotel. You can also transfer some of your Asian miles as you wish. After all, one wants to travel the different parts of the globe and not only restrain themselves to a few parts.

You are eligible for a 10% coupon code on the dining experience as well.

The Annual Fee Waiver

You can become a priority client with additional funds of HKD 8,0000,000 or above. Furthermore, you should have fulfilled all the requirements. Unless you don’t sift through the process, it will be hard for you to make the most out of the annual fee waiver.

So now that you have sifted through the details of all these cards, you must have understood how easy it is to make the most out of your collaboration with Cathay. After all, high-quality customer service has always been the top priority of this company. If you want to travel with this service, don’t forget to get one of these Mastercard so that you can redeem incredible benefits in the future.

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