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To lawfully handle commercial vehicles on public roads, HGV drivers must be in relatively good health, according to the regulation. To that end, any new driver must have an HGV medical test, as well as corresponding paperwork (D4) provided to the DVLA by the physician performing the exam. Any time a candidate’s license is due for an upgrade, they must take a new medical test. The test is the same as if you choose to drive a truck or a bus. The most important thing to remember is that a doctor cannot determine if you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle; they can only fill out the D4 medical test form. The DVLA decides that if you are qualified to drive or not. Since test centers will reopen at some point, and the rush that happens when they do will almost certainly result in long wait times.

Starting HGV training during a lockdown:

The DVLA is deeply involved in the organization of HGV studies, and they have been heavily damaged in the case of Covid-19. Due to the extreme effect on the DVLA and the limited number of students that could be tailored for at any given time, those enrolled in training centres may have to wait much longer when things reopen in some places.

The last 12 months have undoubtedly been difficult for everybody, and we remain firmly entrenched in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, nothing is everlasting, and there will come a time when things will begin to open up again, allowing life to resume normalcy. The following are the reasons why starting your HGV training during lockdown is a wise move:

HGV jobs are the best profession in this pandemic situation:

There is no denying that the pandemic has taken a toll on UK employment. Indeed, according to estimates from late 2020, over 800,000 jobs had been lost – a figure that has undoubtedly risen since then. Many workers have been lost through a wide variety of sectors, implying that most people do not have anything resembling job security.

That being said, when it comes to job security, HGV drivers are among the few classes of specialists that have been largely untouched by the pandemic’s turmoil. Although other occupations are losing employment in large numbers, the requirement for transport services has increased dramatically – not least because customers are shopping online more frequently than ever before. HGV training gives you access to careers that are as resilient and recession-proof as they come, and they are also well-paying. (source: HGVT)

If you hate crowds then this would best time for you to get training:

The truth would be that the lockdown would be enforced someday soon, and test centers will expand. As a result, everybody would undoubtedly hurry back to schedule their training or exam, causing a bottleneck. Limited room and high demand are two ingredients that inevitably result in significantly longer wait times. Queuing hours for tests and preparation, which were previously 1-2 weeks, could be expanded to 4-6 weeks or more. The advantage of starting your HGV training presently is that you will be amazingly prepared and ready to rumble when everyone emerges out of dormancy. At HGVT, the online software includes all of your theoretical training as well as your medical exam, ensuring that you are fully prepared when the time comes. Rather than fighting with someone else who did not act quickly enough, we will get you the soonest point meeting time in your area – something that could be even faster if you are willing to fly to a different place. That is why starting your HGV training right now in lockdown is a great deal.


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