Why German Shepherds Are A Big Help To The Community

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German Shepherds are a beloved breed in a lot of people’s homes. Their loyalty comes from the many years of breeding that have helped to create an agile and well-rounded herding breed. While they were originally bred for herding and protective purposes, German Shepherds were brought to the US with soldiers after World War I, where they caught the eye of pet enthusiasts and even the American Kennel Club. These are some of the ways in which the key traits of German Shepherds have been helpful within society as well as communities, and what makes them such great family pets.


Firstly, a lot of people can easily recognize the breed based on the tan saddle color, long hair and pointed nose. There isn’t much variation in their appearance, and the german shepherd colors tend to be limited to a few shades. Their nose is typically darker as well as the face, although their most notable color is the light tan shade that can be seen in the majority of German Shepherds’ fur. German Shepherds are usually larger dogs with a long, pointed nose and ears. Because their hair is on the longer side, they tend to shed twice a year.

In terms of personality, German Shepherds are active and can be energetic. This means that they will need regular walking, and are most suitable to be introduced to a family that already has a dog. The breed is also very adaptable and intelligent, which means that they can be trained within a range of environments.

Family Pet

Because of their high amounts of loyalty to their pack, German Shepherds make excellent family pets as they are devoted to their owners, and will become highly affectionate and protective over time. They are easy to train because of their obedience, which is essential to ensure that German Shepherds do not become overly protective or even aggressive. The breed love children and their double coat makes the perfect companion for all types of weather. When socialized properly, German Shepherds can even be affectionate towards other dogs or cats when they have gotten used to them.

Service Dog

Some of the ways that a German Shepherd helps the community is their use as a service dog. They can be great additions to emergency service teams because of how easy they are to train, and have even been used for assisting individuals. Their scenting ability is something that has made them one of the most widely used dog species across the police and military service. Because of the German Shepherd’s powerful bark and ability to seem aggressive, the police have made a lot of use out of the shepherds for tracking criminals. Additionally, the breed have been a great addition to the search and rescue services because of their ability to pick up scents. The military have used German Shepherds for warning them about potential enemy threats and to detect traps. The loyalty of these dogs knows no bounds, and it just goes to show how effective they can be within the community.

In addition, German Shepherds have also been trained to help people who are blind or visually impaired, and they make great assistance dogs. The breed have a unique combination of loyalty to their owner, sense of duty, and fearlessness that are aided by their intelligence and sniffing ability, which makes them the perfect service dog or companion to those who need it. People who are prone to seizures or even diabetics who need to monitor their blood sugar levels throughout the day benefit from a service dog who provides them with a level of support and independence that they wouldn’t have known before.

Overall, the way that German Shepherds have been a big help to the community is unmatched by any other breed. They have already shown how versatile they are, and how their loyalty makes them a great service dog. Not to mention, their long nose that allows them to pick up scents from further away or even track criminals. Search and rescue services have made great use of this skill and have already shown how German Shepherds can help find people who are lost in rubble or even within the wilderness. While some breeds have been used for service dogs within recent years more widely, such as Labradors or golden retrievers, German Shepherds are still one of the most versatile breeds that has been recognized for its potential to help the community.

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