Why does my business need SEO?

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Important Reasons why your business needs SEO

Do you own your own business or do you run a company? If so, you may have the task of running the official website. You may not be familiar with the world of SEO. However, its benefits are numerous in order to improve the performance of your business. This article explains the reasons why you should worry about SEO for your business website.

Organic search is the primary source of the traffic to your website

One of the first gateways to your website is an organic search on search engines. Every day, Internet users search the web for specific products and services that you can offer them. In order to more easily create a link between these people and your business, it is worth focusing on SEO. Increase traffic to your website by being visible on search engines. Google has about 75% of the market and is one of the most visited sites in the world.

It is common for a business to create SEO content to be more visible on Google. You may be wondering why especially Google? Google’s ever-increasing market share in Internet research may well explain this. According to a recent study, you should know that in France, the market share for Google reaches 91.7%. As for Yahoo or Bing, they do not exceed 10%. We advise you to read the SEO Quantum guide on the subject.

In Europe, Google has 91.8% of the market share. For Yahoo and Bing, it is always the same, they do not exceed 10%. These figures perfectly explain why it is important to create SEO optimized content for your platform. They also show you why it’s important to meet Google’s requirements

SEO builds trust and credibility

A website that is found on popular search engines is seen as a trusted and credible site because it must have several specific characteristics to carve out a place among the top results. The criteria analyzed are, among other things, a website that offers interesting content. He must also have several quality links pointing to his site.

Good SEO Means Better User Experience

Search engines also analyze the user experience of a website. The consumer must be able to easily find what he is looking for on your pages for these to be considered to be effective. Navigation should be user-friendly and simple.

SEO writing is very different from classic writing. The two are differentiated by the existence of keywords. Indeed, these keywords are essential in SEO writing and they correspond to the words that we type daily on the Google search bar to find a specific element.

The SEO content of a website must then contain several keywords that Internet users can type. You should know that an SEO marketing strategy can define writing trends and possible keywords based on each request. The goal of SEO content writing is to create text that will be interesting to read. It should be noted that writing for the web is a more complex method than inserting only keywords.

Search engines demand quality SEO content that meets the needs of internet users. It is absurd to think that it is enough to insert many keywords in the content to be better positioned in searches. Note that since the Google Colibri and Rankbrain updates, search engines no longer work this way.

To create your SEO content, there are several alternatives available to you. On the one hand, you can for example write from the beginning to the end of your content alone, remembering to respect Google’s instructions. This method is the least expensive but can be time-consuming if you have trouble writing.

On the other hand, you can write a small part and use a web SEO agency Chicago SEO to optimize the content. Finally, you can contact an SEO agency or a web editor who will take care of your content entirely.

In conclusion, doing high-value SEO writing is essential for a business. This will allow your company to improve its positioning on search engines like Google. On the other hand, if despite everything your website does not get enough traffic and is not visible enough as you wanted, you can always contact a web agency. This will do an audit of your website for you. You can then identify and correct the weaknesses of your site and in this way optimize its qualities.

Local SEO improves traffic and conversions

With the increasing popularity of mobile phone use, local search is constantly growing. Several people carry out their procedures from their cell phones to find the businesses that are nearby. SEO allows companies to stand out from their competitors in their region.

SEO influences the purchasing cycle of consumers

When the consumer has a need, he will seek information to find solutions. In order to make a sound decision, he might decide to search on a search engine for useful information. Making your website visible on these platforms will allow you to make them aware of your products and services.

SEO is quantifiable

You can measure the performance of your website using various tools. As a result, you will be able to see concrete improvements made with traffic and conversion data.

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