What is the Lilith in astrology? This point on your birth chart can reveal powerful desires

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If you are into astrology, there is a ton of things to learn about your moon zodiac sign, and you can explore the ins and outs of your natal chart. But one of the most fascinating and a mysterious location on our zodiac charts is a little less known and more enigmatic: it is the black moon Lilith.

Lilith is not a planet in your chart, but rather a mathematical point in space (similar to how the north and south nodes also do not represent actual celestial bodies). Wherever your Lilith is in your chart, it means the exact point between the Moon and Earth at the time of your birth. In astronomy, a black moon designates several very different phenomena: The absence of a full moon in a calendar month (can only happen during the month of February) the second new moon of the same month which is the case on July 31 for a whole part of the Earth. And for Europe the news will take place on August 1st.

But symbolically, what is the black moon Lilith in astrology?

Simply put, the dot position on our birth chart represents the power and desire that is hidden within us but wants (or maybe¬† needs¬† ) to be released – our deep awakenings, deep instincts, and deep truths. . In an astrology diagram, the Dark Moon Lilith represents a person’s primitive urges and behavior in their purest form. It reveals our repressed selves, as well as what makes us more vulnerable; it expresses the dark side of our personality, buried deep within the subconscious realms of our psyche.

But, before we delve further into the astral significance of the black moon Lilith, let’s talk about Lilith, the mythical figure, who gave the astrological point its name – because she is truly an icon and can tell us a lot about what it stands for. This point in our birth chart.

As you may know, many planets and points in astrology are named after gods, goddesses, and other mythical figures – and Lilith is no exception. She was Adam’s first wife. And yes, we are talking about Adam from the Garden of Eden. According to the myth, Adam and Lilith were created from the ground (unlike Adam’s future wife, Eve, who was created from one of Adam’s ribs.)

But there were problems in Heaven. The story goes that when it was time to get down to business, Lilith wanted to take on a more dominant role herself – in other words, she didn’t want to have sexual relationships in a particular position. “Lilith refuses to lie under Adam during intercourse but he insists that this is her rightful place.” He apparently thinks Lilith should do her homework without arguing. Lilith, on the other hand, tries not to rule over anyone. She is simply asserting her personal freedom.

And that’s why Lilith was rejected

She was exiled from the Garden of Eden because she had not submitted to Adam. She was the first feminist, and while we now see Lilith’s refusal to submit to male domination as powerful, historically, Lilith astrology has in fact been seen as an alluring, yet demonic figure. Fortunately now, we can appreciate his feminine power and raw sex instead of dreading it. So, given that Lilith herself is such a story, you can assume that the astrological point assigned to her has a similar dark and mysterious plot. In astrology, the black moon Lilith represents the part of ourselves that we cannot suppress. The part of us that longs to be liberated.

The part that doesn’t suppress anyone’s needs

We have dark sides in our personality – it doesn’t mean bad, just dark. Lilith represents the rooms in this darkness. Just as the dot itself is simply a black dot in the void of space, floating near the moon, our qualities ruled by Lilith are also hidden in the darkness, illuminated only occasionally by the light of night. , still shrouded in shadow, but waiting to be revealed. These qualities run deep in our subconscious and probably yearn to be recognized as well.

The significance of this point is also self-evident – it can represent fetishes, anomalies, and our deepest (and perhaps even most repressed) desires. Lilith is best known for her role as a self-liberator. For most people, Lilith can appear when you call upon your charms, visionary creativity, and raw power – in other words, when you take on the darker sides of yourself and don’t fear. Not to flaunt your truths and your power is fuel.

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