What Is a Pay Stub and What Information Does It Include?

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Pay stubs are an essential part of keeping your records. They detail how much you make and are helpful when it comes to securing a new home or filing your taxes.
But, what is a pay stub you may be wondering, and what’s detailed on it? We’re glad that you’ve clicked on our post because we’re going to tell you everything that you need to know.

Don’t hesitate to continue to read now for everything that you need to know when it comes to your pay stub.

What Is a Pay Stub?

The pay stub will detail aspects of your payment including the taxes taken out of your check and where they’ve been allocated to. It’s an earnings statement that you receive from the place where you work.

When you receive your pay stubs, we recommend keeping them for a couple of years because you will need them to do these like file your taxes. And they can also be used to provide proof of income if you’re attempting to qualify for a loan of any type.

If you don’t have copies of your pay stubs because you are self-employed, you can always use real check stubs to generate the stubs that you need. Now that you know what a pay stub is, we can break down everything listed on the pay stub.

Hours You’ve Worked

When you’re paid, you earn money for the same amount of time for each pay period. When you look at your earning statements, it will provide documentation of the total number of hours you’ve worked during that period.

Although some hours, such as vacation hours or requested time off, maybe listed under a different heading, it will still be located under the hours worked section of your pay stub.

Gross Wages

The gross wage is the amount of money that you’ve earned before taxes and retirement have been removed from your check. It’s good to know how much you make on average so that you can keep track of all the money that is being taken out of your check every pay period.

Gross Pay

You may think that gross pay and gross wages are the same things, and in a sense, they are, except gross pay is represented in two columns. Your gross pay will record the current pay you’re making and your payment for the year.

Pay Scale

In this section, you’ll find the numerical amount of how much you’re making per hour or for your salary. If you’ve taken on any overtime or extra work that requires pay, it will show in this section as well.


This is the section where you’ll see all the money that’s taken out of your account that goes towards your deductions, taxes, and other paycheck contributions including your retirement funds. All these things you’ll need to know when it comes to filling out your tax forms for the coming year.

Pay Stubs 101: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to what are pay stubs, everything that you need to know about them is above. You must know what you’re earning and where your money is going to. Now that you know the answer to ‘what is a pay stub?’ you’re ready to make smarter choices for yourself.

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