What is a good diet to lose weight?

Alton Clarke
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Losing weight can be done in many ways, but they are not all healthy and effective over a longer period. Atkins, Montagne, Food hourglass, Sonja Bakker, detoxes or the Oerdietet: if one would work for a long time, the rest was not necessary. So you see: the miracle diet unfortunately does not exist. Instead, choose a responsible diet, in which you gradually lose weight and still get all the nutrients.

Not long lasting

If your energy intake is lower than your energy consumption, a waste diet ensures weight loss. Do you follow an energy-restricted diet for a long time? This can lead to a shortage of certain nutrients. When you follow a waste diet with a very low energy intake, your muscle mass also decreases excessively. This is undesirable. Many people do not maintain a waste diet for long because it is too strict, too one-sided or too impractical. Moreover, weight loss is usually not permanent, because no permanent healthy lifestyle has been taught. Instead, choose a responsible diet, in which you gradually lose weight and still get all the nutrients. Read the most important criticisms of known waste diets.

Continue to achieve a healthy weight

Do you want to gradually and permanently gain a healthy weight and learn a healthy diet? Then follow the 3 phases of the Nutrition Center. In it you get advice to lose weight by eating less, eating healthier and exercising more. Below is a list of diets (both healthy and unhealthy). Jordyn Woods Reveals All About Her Latest Collaboration – See The Video. With each diet we explain how you start, what you should pay attention to and which side affects you can experience. We advise you to choose a diet where you eat food with a high nutritional value. This way you not only become slim, but you also look better overall, you get more energy and you take important steps towards optimal health without diseases. In this article we give you tips on how to maintain a low carbohydrate diet if you eat outside.

Do you have to be out for a longer period of time or are you often on the road? Not feared. With the tips below you can maintain your low-carb lifestyle in any situation. Bread is easy to take to work, but is not convenient to eat if you want to lose weight healthy with a low carbohydrate diet. Below you can read our best tips for eating low carbohydrates at work. Prepare your low- carb lunch the evening before, so that you don’t run out of time in the morning. In English they call it ‘meal prepend’. You can even pre-prepare meal for several days, for example by making your lunch on Sunday before Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Instead of taking your bread with you, you now fill your lunch box with vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. Exactly as you would eat at home. The only thing that differs is that you don’t put your meal on a plate, but take it in a bowl.

Cabbage wraps are a low-carb replacement for the sandwich. Very suitable for those who enjoy the ease with which you eat a sandwich: you can simply eat them with your hands. Fill your cabbage wrap with smoked salmon, avocado and cottage cheese, or how about smoked chicken, zucchini strips and pesto?

Leaking trays are your biggest enemy if you want to eat low carbohydrates outdoors. There is nothing worse than a bag full of pickle acid, not to mention damaged equipment that is also present in your bag. Therefore, purchase containers of good quality that are 100% airtight. Allow yourself good material. It is an investment in your health and your body. It will happen to you once: you have made a delicious salad and packed it in your most beautiful airtight drum, but once at work you discover that you cannot eat your salad with your hands. You are still in ‘bread mode’! Now you can often pull a fork from somewhere, but it’s a lot easier if you just always think about it yourself. Put your cutlery in your bag the night before.

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