What do I need for internet and TV?

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What do I need for internet and TV?

Everything you need to connect the subscription is included with the installation package. Or if you have chosen a fitter installation, the fitter will take this for you. This way you will always receive a modem with built-in WiFi router as standard and depending on what you have ordered one or more interactive TV receivers with remote control or a CI + plug-in card. All necessary cables including an HDMI cable for your TV are included.

Easy internet and TV comparison

We have a number of tips to find the ideal tv en internet subscription. First, it is important that you do the zip code check. This determines which connections speed and options are available at your address. You will then only see subscriptions that you can actually receive at your address.

Cheapest, fastest and best plan

At the top of this page we show the cheapest, fastest and best subscription as standard. The cheapest internet and TV subscription is based on the price for the first year, so everything is included here. The fastest subscription is the subscription with the fastest available internet at your address for the lowest possible price. Finally, the best internet and TV subscription is the highest rated subscription by our customers. We always ask customers who have switched to a new subscription for their findings. This allows us to advise you better and to see exactly whether a provider scores well on, for example, customer service, installation, TV or a stable internet connection.

Filter and sort subscriptions

Under the cheapest, fastest and best subscription you will find the complete overview of available internet and TV subscriptions at your address. You can refine this list by using the filters. For example, uncheck the providers that you do not want choose a minimum internet speed and select various TV options. For example, you can also specify your favorite channels, and then you will only see subscriptions that include these channels (optional). Don’t feel like installing it yourself? Then indicate at ‘Delivery’ that you want a free installation engineer. Now that you have filtered the list of subscriptions, you can still sort them by speed, price per month or number of channels if you wish. By default, the list is sorted by the total price for the first year, so the cheapest internet and television subscription is at the top.

Compare TV and internet specifications

To compare a number of subscriptions and compare them extensively with each other, you can ‘tick’ them and then click on the ‘Compare’ button. You will see a maximum of three subscriptions next to each other with all possible specifications subdivided into the categories costs, assessments, TV, internet, installation, delivery and contract.

How does switching work?

Switching to a different TV and internet subscription or arranging a connection for your new home is done in no time. After you have made your choice from the available subscriptions at your address, you can easily request the internet providers’ vergelijken subscription via our website. If you have any questions or would prefer to order by phone, you can of course also contact our customer service.

The first step is to compile the subscription. For example, choose an extra channel package, second TV receiver or a ‘record package’. For the internet subscription, depending on your choice, there is also the option to expand it with, for example, a security package. The next step is to provide your contact details, after which you can indicate your current situation. With the help of this data we ensure that you can switch seamlessly to your new provider and that your old subscription is canceled. After your order you will receive a confirmation and you have 14 days to change your mind. Within these 14 days you can therefore cancel your order free of charge.

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