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The dealership of the cars is a pretty serious deal that you should do with trusted dealers only. And we suggest authentic dealers for selling your cars that are WeBuyCars.

A car is an asset that takes a lot of money when you buy it. But after some time, a new model of car is in the market or your previous car runs its course. This is high time for you to sell your car. And this is also a serious business that requires legal complications with a trusted dealer. That is why you should choose WeBuyCars.

What are WeBuyCars?

We Buy Cars is a car dealership platform that offers you a variety of services and trading of vehicles. The buying and selling of vehicles are not limited to cars. But they offer dealerships for different vehicles ranging from bikes to boats. This platform was started back in 2001. Two brothers named Dirk van der Walt and Faan van der Walt founded WeBuyCars in South Africa.

Since the start of the business, this platform is earning a hefty profit. In the past few months, the contribution of profit by WeBuyCars has been up to R113 million. Their shares in the business are around 49%. These all facts make an established opinion about the trustworthiness and success of WeBuyCars.

The success of WeBuyCars is because they do not offer brand-new vehicles. But it is a platform for the selling and buying of secondhand and used cars. These cars are usually cheaper than the brand-new ones. In this falling economy, these cars are a feasible purchase. This fact makes WeBuyCars popular and profitable.

Let’s have a look at their services as well.

Selling a Car:

For selling a car, you have to apply to the platform. After your application has been accepted, an agent will contact you. You have to provide exact details of your car and the agent will make an estimate. This estimate will be solely based on the market price and international price.

If the estimate is acceptable for you, the buyers and agent will inspect your car thoroughly. After the inspection, they will take the car for a fifteen-minute drive to test it.

Then WeBuyCars ensure that the deal sits well with your requirements. After you agree on all things, you get immediate payment for your car.

Buying a Car:

WeBuyCars brings you vehicles in their best conditions. If you are going to buy a car, purchase without any worry because the cars at WeBuyCars are up for sale after a thorough inspection.

Now, there is a search filter that allows you to search vehicles according to your choice of make, model, or year.

There is a wide variety of vehicles to buy on WeBuyCars. You can buy an SUV to start a small business or for other uses. You can buy bikes, caravans, trailers, and boats, etc.

Every vehicle has sub-sections for models so that you can choose easily. You can search according to your affordability as well.

WeBuyCars cars also give you special offers to avail in which you can get cars at cheaper rates but in fine quality. If you are short of money to buy car try your luck once with 49s online game. You can check your UK49s results today. After winning a good amount in this game you can buy your dream car with no hassle.


This feature is the best of this platform WeBuyCars. They put the best vehicles for an auction where you can bid on your favorite one. Those cars that are new on this platform for sale are usually put for an auction. Mostly, they are not that old and not much used. So, it is in your best interest to take a chance at them. There are around 400-500 used cars coming daily to put up for selling.

Dealer’s Preference:

The dealers prefer WeBuyCars because of the vast variety of vehicles and affordable prices. Another best thing about WeBuyCars is that they have a network for connecting people to simplify the deals. Their business practices are ethical. The dealers prefer it because of the good value they put in building a business relationship.


For a better and feasible deal on your car, go to WeBuyCars to sell your car at a good price. In such dealings, credibility matters a lot. And WeBuyCars cars is a trusted and credible platform for making deals on cars. Put your application on the platform and sell your car with ease and profit.

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