Wait, Can I Actually Get a Military Discount for These!? Military Discounts You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Military Discount

Did you know that there are currently 1.3 million active-duty members in the military? The army is the biggest branch with around 35% of military servicemen and women, the navy and the air force both have 24%, the marine corps has 14%, and the coast guard has 3%.

If you or a loved one are a member of the military you might be able to receive a military discount at some of your favorite stores. Keep reading to learn more.

Retail Discounts

Depending on the store, you may get anywhere from 10 to 25% off every time you shop. When you head to the checkout counter make sure to ask if you’re able to get a military discount. It’s also important to carry your military ID with you because the store clerk will ask for it.

If you’re doing some online shopping, Adidas offers a 15% discount to servicemen and women as well as first responders. If you’re needing to buy some home improvement products head on over to Lowe’s who offer a 10% discount for military service members and veterans when they shop in-store.

You Can Save on Your Mortgage 

Owning a home is a lifelong dream for most Americans and if you’ve served in the military you might qualify for a mortgage stimulus available for active service members and veterans. Your local VA can help you figure out if you qualify and you can save on the mortgage for your new home.

There are also many banks that offer benefits exclusively to help service members and veterans save. If you need to open a new checking account, Chase Bank offers no minimum balance or monthly fee for current service members and veterans. First Citizens Bank, US Bank, and Zions Bank offer the same benefits.

Veteran’s Day Sales 

Veteran’s Day is a great day to do some shopping because many stores offer a veteran discount in honor of the service of currently active service members and veterans.

Amazon offers a discounted year of Prime membership to service members and veterans on Veteran’s Day for just $79 a year. Target offers 10% off on purchases made on Veteran’s Day to all service members.

Life Insurance Savings

If you’re a current serviceman or woman in the military and have a family then you understand the importance of having a life insurance policy. Life insurance will protect your family in case anything were to happen to you but policies can be expensive.

Did you know that there are special discounts on life insurance policies for service members and veterans? If you’re looking to get insured make sure you reach out to your local VA office to find the right policy for you and your family.

Deals on Your Favorite Tech Gadgets 

There is always new technology and keeping up with all the trends can get pretty expensive. There are tons of discounts on your favorite gadgets if you’ve served in the military, however.

Apple offers up to 10% off on some of its products for all service members. You can also get 30% off of Microsoft Office for you and your family. T-mobile offers special prices on phones and plans specifically for those who serve in the military.

Get Discounts on CBD Products

CBD is known for its many health benefits including decreasing pain, inflammation, and stress. If you’re looking for CBD for veterans then you should know that you can get discounts on these products as well, as much as 10% off your first order. Whether you’re looking to get CBD oil, lotion, or a roll-on for pain, there are a variety of products you can get at great prices.

Save on Groceries 

Shopping for groceries is a necessary expense but if you’re an active duty service member or a veteran, there are many stores where you can save on groceries.

BJ’s offers a discounted price on its membership to current and retired service members. A reduced-priced Costco membership offers service members up to $60 in savings.

Save When You Travel 

Enjoying life’s moments with the people you love is something you learn to cherish when you’ve served in the military and you’ll be happy to learn that you get special discounted prices on travel and entertainment as a member of the military.

The Veterans Advantage Program is a membership exclusively for service members and their families that offers discounts on airfare and much more. Delta Airlines offers a 10% discount to military members and their families as well as three free checked bags.

Disney World offers special promotions on tickets for military personnel, offering up to 20% off on tickets. Cinemark Movie Theaters offer discounted movie tickets to military personnel as well.

Get Great Discounts When You Eat Out 

Did you know that you can get military discounts on food when you eat out with family and friends? Make sure to ask next time you’re out at a restaurant if they offer discounts to active service members or veterans, you’ll need to show your military ID to receive these discounts at most places.

Denny’s and Dunkin Donuts offer 10% off your total bill. IHOP offers up to 20% off the bill. Applebee’s offers 10% off your check unless you get items from their 2 for $20 menu.

Save on Staying Fit

As an active duty service member or veteran, you understand the importance of staying active and healthy. You’ll be happy to know that you can receive discounts at gyms and at fitness stores around the country simply by presenting your military ID.

24 Hour Fitness offers a three-day free gym pass so you can test their facilities before signing up for a membership. Gold’s Gym offers reduced priced memberships and fees to service members and veterans as well.

Learn About the Military Discount Offered at Places Around the Country

There are many places where you can receive a military discount whether you’re shopping for groceries or taking your family on vacation. Some of the places that offer the best discounts are listed above. Make sure you check out some of our other articles to learn more.

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