Traffic Rules in Dubai. What Is Important to Know?

Alton Clarke
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It is quite simple to drive in the Arab Emirates. The rules are not much different from the European, but the police are watching them very closely. It is quite expensive to keep to bad driving habits, the average fine is 400 – 500 AUD (~$109 – $136).

The quality of roads in the UAE is excellent, the traffic is right-handed. The signs are recognizable, the inscriptions are in English.

The Rules and Penalties

It is possible to drive a rented car in the Emirates only if you have an MVU together with a national license. The penalty is 5000AED (~$1360).

There are general speed limits in the country: 40 km/h on small streets, 60-80 km/h on main roads, and 100-120 km/h on highways. But mostly the speed limit is regulated by signs. It is forbidden to exceed the speed limit, as well as to drive slower if there is one on a particular section of the road.

According to statistics, 90% of tourist fines arise in connection with speeding.

We recommend strict compliance with the speed limit, even if you learn somewhere that you can exceed it a little. In different emirates of the country, the non-fixed speed limits are different. For example, in Abu Dhabi there is no speed buffer at all, they punish even for exceeding 1 km/h.


  • Up to 10 km/h speeding – 400AED (~$109)
  • Up to 20 km/h – 300-500AED (~$82-136)
  • Up to 30 km/h – 600AED (~$163)
  • Up to 40 km/h – 700AED (~$191)
  • Up to 50 km/h – 800-1000AED (~$218-272$)
  • Up to 60 km/h – 900-1500AED (~245-408$), confiscation is possible
  • over 60 km/h – 1000-2000AED (~272-545$), possible confiscation
  • More than 80 km/h – 3000AED (~817$), possible confiscation and deprivation of driving license
  • Driving slower than the speed limit – 200-400AED (~$54-109)

The fine depends not only on the seriousness of the violation but also on the Emirate where it occurred.

  • Seatbelts are mandatory for all passengers. Ignoring it will cost 400AED (~$109).
  • Using a cell phone, wearing makeup, and smoking while driving is prohibited – 200-800AED (~$54-$218).
  • You should not eat or drink drinks while driving.
  • At traffic circles, vehicles traveling in a circle have priority unless otherwise noted on the appropriate road signs. A violation will cost 500AED (~$136).
  • Driving at night or in fog without headlights on and ignoring turn signals will cost 100-400AED (~$27-$109).
  • On crosswalks, you should let pedestrians pass. For violation – 500AED (~$136).
  • The child seat is required for passengers under 10 years of age. Passengers 10 years of age and younger may be in the front seat. Violation – 400AED (~$109).
  • It is prohibited to smoke in the car if a child under 12 years old is in the car. Also, children and pets should not be left unattended in the vehicle.
  • You must not stop on the highway without a valid reason – 500-1000AED (~136-272$).
  • Driving through a red light – 800-1000AED (~$218-272).
  • Ignoring traffic signs – 500AED (~136$).
  • Failure to maintain sufficient distance while driving – 400AED (~$109).
  • Throwing garbage out the window – 500-1000AED (~136-272$).
  • Road races – 2000AED (~$545).
  • Should pass special purpose vehicles: ambulances, firefighters, motorcades, convoys – 200-800AED (~$54-218).
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – deprivation of rights, confiscation of vehicle, possible arrest.


So we have discussed the main features and rules of safe driving of a rented car in UAE. Summing up the above we recommend you follow these rules.

  • Observe the speed limit and distance from other vehicles.
  • When driving a vehicle, it is necessary to have a driver’s license, an insurance policy, as well as documents issued by the car rental company.
  • Get behind the wheel only in a sober state.
  • Watch the commotion on the left side, and avoid driving in the leftmost lane.
  • Do not engage in a race with other drivers.
  • Use a navigator and learn the local road signs.

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