Toto Steubesand is the CEO of a Top Martial Arts Academy in Germany

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Physical assaults, kidnapping, and even human trafficking are common crimes in today’s society. Although it is a sad reality to acknowledge, there are times when society can be dangerous, and people are making it a priority to find safeguards to keep themselves, their families, and their kids’ safe during these situations. Martial arts, a sport that promotes self-discipline, develops strength and character, cultivates charisma and flexibility, and instills high moral values, is one of the most popular self-defense techniques in the world.

AbwehrKraft, a renowned martial arts school, was founded by CEO Toto Steubesand as a result of this. It offers instruction in close-quarters combat, weapon use, and other skills to the general public, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and all other facets of security. The business, which has its headquarters in Kiel, Germany, was founded in 2016.

At the academy, Toto and his staff of instructors teach the most advanced forms of self-defense while also aiding each student in improving their overall physical wellness. With a focus on Krav Maga, which is regarded as the gold standard of modern self-defense, the company’s mission is to help people deal with stressful situations effectively.

The Israeli Krav Maga by AbwehrKraft is for people of all ages and provides martial arts lessons and even sports supplements to its beginner and advanced clients. The company works with large corporations, groups, and people from diverse backgrounds and offers special courses tailored specifically for women, kids, and young adults. The AbwehrKraft staff members are all professionals who treat every client with the utmost respect and make them feel as at ease as possible in order to assist them in reaching new training milestones.

In order to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible while training, AbwehrKraft encourages everyone to dress comfortably. Participants are welcome to come in sweatpants, shorts, and t-shirts—or even a martial arts suit, if they so choose. Shoes are not required for practice because it is done barefoot or with socks. Those who want to join the organization can choose to participate in a trial session at any time after registering on the website.

Toto Steubesand takes pride in his abilities as a businessman. Even though AbwehrKraft is one of his most successful companies, it was actually his second venture. Approximately seven years after taking the helm as ZST Security’s CEO in 2013, Toto was made an executive partner.

One of Toto’s most recent accomplishments is related to his work in the entertainment industry. He was cast in the Amazon Prime Germany series “Celebrity Hunted Germany” in 2021. If everything goes according to plan, he will be back on the program in 2023.

Toto Steubesand has continued to take his brand to new heights, and it appears that the future holds a lot of promise for him.

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