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The onset of contagious virus has made it compulsory to make use of face mask for girls and adults. But many fake ones have surfaced in the market which provides zero protection. Understanding which surgical face mask is the right one is essential to stay safe in these uncertain times. We have compiled this guide which will help you in this regard. We are reading of the fast spread of the new variant which has prompted everyone to use facemask every time they leave home or come in contact with general public.

While browsing for face mask for girls we come across a large variety in different colors, shapes and sizes. It can be tricky while selecting face mask through an online marketplace as it turns out either too big or small for the face. At times the quality is poor. This can leave many annoyed as their money is wasted. It is important to follow some guidelines before buying face mask in Lahore.

We have heard of cloth facemask which are also quite popular and the more high tech N95. Those are more expensive made from high tech filtering material. N95 facemask claim to trap at least 90 percent of the virus droplets. Upon looking under a microscope these appear as dense fibers that traps all the particles. Unlike cotton face mask or surgical facemask these are much safer and used by health workers and anyone in contact with a covid patient. If you are looking after a family member diagnosed with covid then N95 is highly recommended.

When the pandemic happened people weren’t prepared and we heard of high quality surgical facemask but eventually many face mask for girls came into the market.  Many colorful and fashionable ones. These aren’t tested by the government nor offer the same amount of protection. However, it is better to use face mask than nothing. Even if you have to use handmade facemask make sure it is made from quality material.

Style of Face Mask for Girls

There are many styles but the most popular ones are duck face, flat fold and cup style facemask. However, the best one out of all is which fits properly around the nose. We often find that there is a gap around the mouth area. This is a mistake which people don’t realize. The flu droplets can enter through nose and mouth. In both cases it can cause contamination.

Always buy face mask in Karachi which fits properly around the face and even better if there is a nose pin as it helps to hold tightly. This will also help to keep your vision clear if you wear glasses. Many people complain that wearing face mask with glasses causes vision to become blur through breathing. While buying surgical face mask online it can be a gamble.  You are never certain of how it will turn out. To avoid this situation start by ordering one or 2 of different styles. Try them out to see which one suits you and is perfect for your face shape. Some sellers have large quantities such as a box. Avoid those.

Face mask for children

So far we haven’t come across any proper face mask for children. N95 is only for adults so you must look for sellers online such as which have a large selection of face mask for girls and kids. Getting children to wear facemask is particularly hard but when you get them colorful ones and those featuring their favorite cartoon character, this will pique their interest and they will be eager to keep them on.

Buy from reputable seller.

There are so many stores and online marketplaces selling surgical face mask. Due to the rise in demand many people started making them at home and selling on the roadside. These are fake ones and offer no protection. It is important to choose an authorized distributor as these are not just another commodity. We know how fatal this virus can be. Even after 2 years and roll out of vaccine the world remains in its grip. It is important to take this virus seriously and follow all the measures as given by the government.

When it comes to authentic shopping sites is a credible name. You can be assured of finding quality face mask at affordable prices. Given the rise in demand for face mask in Karachi many distributors started exploiting and the prices were increased tenfold. This is something you won’t have to face plus you will get original product. If you aren’t satisfied the product can be returned. They have a proper system through which customer service can be accessed and any complain is lodged. A team of reliable staff will reach out to you. If there is a problem with the product such as the item was damaged in transit or you received wrong product. Either the amount is reimbursed or the item is replaced.

Do your research

Anything you buy online whether surgical face mask it is advised to visit the website and read all the details given in the description box. This way you can avoid getting into any unpleasant situation. Finally everyone must take the new variant seriously and remain cautious. Many people are becoming carefree and not taking it as seriously as it should be taken. Given that tourist destinations are open now we are likely to see a new wave. If you are planning any trips make sure to use a face mask and instruct everyone around you.


We hope you found this article useful and that it helps in making the right choice when it comes to buying face mask. If you are not ready to spend money or consider it extra expense, there is always an alternative. We have seen cotton face mask which are better if not the best option. Like they say something is better than nothing so having any type of face covering with good fabric will serve the purpose. Let’s stay safe and keep others too around us.

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