This Is How to Show Proof of Employment

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Are you a company admin or an employee? When it comes to proof of employment, you want to make sure that you’ve got all the details you need to save time and look professional.

Nothing is worse than providing a requesting party a terrible proof of employment! It makes not only the company but the employee look very unprofessional and suspect in the eyes of the requestor. Don’t make that mistake and make sure you check out our guide to get it right the first time!

Why Do I Need Proof of Employment?

Working in administration or HR means you will be asked to provide proof of employment by each employee at least once.

Employees will usually request this info when applying for a mortgage or loan through a bank. They might also ask if they’re applying for any government provided aid like workers compensation and income subsidy programs. It can also be asked for verification when applying for other jobs or university/college programs.

Employment Letter

The most common type of proof of employment is a letter of employment or employment verification letter.

This letter should be printed on company letterhead with the office address located on the top left corner. You will include the date you have written it and follow up with the employee’s name and home address below.

The body of the employment proof letter should include the employee’s start date, position, salary, and termination date if applicable. You should also include how many hours the employee works are most individuals requesting this info want to see the distinction between a part-time and full-time employee.

Follow up by including your name, position, and contact info should the requesting party has any additional questions regarding the document you’ve prepared.

If you’re an employee looking for this letter, contact your company’s human resources department who will draft one for you usually within a 24-hour time period.

Proof via Income

Sometimes an employment letter isn’t enough proof of having a job and you may be requested to provide proof of income in addition to your employment letter. The best way to do this is to show your paystubs if you haven’t made it to tax time yet or submit your W2 form from work.

Your W2 form is a summary by the company of how much was paid to the employee during the tax year. This will provide whoever is requesting the information a full picture of your funds from January to December of the prior year.

Whether you’re an employee or employer if you’re going the paystub route make sure you use the best stub creator to avoid missing information or template errors. The requestor will want to see what the net and gross amounts are each pay period along with the taxed amounts to properly calculate income.

Providing Proof of Employment

With this helpful guide, you can confidently draft up a proof of employment, or proof of income. You won’t even need to second-guessing whether it’s professional or not. You won’t have to go requesting or drafting up a completely new one and giving yourself double the work!

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