The Ultimate Guide For A Trip To The Great Smoky Mountains

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We all need a break at some point. Taking a vacation from work or college is a necessity that we often skip on. Moreover, when we take days off, many of us spend them at home doing nothing. So instead of lounging around doing nothing, why not experience the great outdoors and make memories to last a lifetime?

Traveling is one of the best ways to spend your hard-earned days off from regular life. America has many places you can visit. However, the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee should be at the top of your list.
Why? Because they’re AMAZING. Period! And if you’ve already decided on this as your next vacation spot, we’ll list a few ways to help you make the most of the trip. So pack your bags and get ready to experience Mother Nature at its finest.

A Jeep ride through the mountains

One of the best ways to explore your environment is to get down and dirty in a 4×4. Traversing through the mountains in these monster vehicles will surely give you the experience you were looking for. Imagine wading your way through winding roads along the slopes and stopping for a quick gaze into nature’s heart. If you’re not much of a trekker, jeeps are ideal for you to cover maximum terrain. You can Google ‘jeep store pigeon forge‘ for rentals, equipment, and whatnot. Moreover, you can get your hands on some cool souvenirs and merch to make your trip memorable. A couple of dollars, and you have a little piece of nostalgia in your hands to take back home.

Hike with loved ones

But honestly, it would be a pity if you went to the mountains and didn’t hike. Hiking in the Smoky Mountains is an experience of a lifetime. Not only does it give you everything you want and more from a nature retreat, but the clean air can be the perfect breather you need for a break from city life.  Climbing up a mountain with fresh air in your lungs, stunning views, and just enough of a mountain chill to throw on a hoodie, what more could you ask for?

So, don’t forget to pack your hiking gear, especially footwear. You may want to pack something to keep you warm if you’re traveling in the winter. It would be wise to carry a stick, first-aid kit, or some weapon with you. Remember, this is raw, untouched nature. Wild animals, pointed branches, and insects can cause issues for you if you aren’t careful. Take all the necessary precautions and enjoy the raw outdoors the way they are meant to be.

Stay in a cabin

When in the mountains, skip the fancy hotels and consider staying in an authentic cabin instead. You will be able to enjoy nature up, close, and personal while staying in a cabin. Some of them also pack luxury amenities you would typically find in hotels. These include free Wi-Fi, central air conditioning, pools, and luxury furnishings. Yes, these cabins are the best money can get you, and you will be surprised by how comfortable they are. Moreover, with several rooms in one, they’re certainly a better solution than renting several rooms in a hotel.

Not only are they most cost-effective, but they are practical as well. What’s the point of a fun vacation out of town if you have to split up and take separate rooms? With a cabin, your entire troupe can sleep under the same roof and enjoy each other’s company.

Go white water rafting

As dangerous as it may sound, white water rafting can indeed be an experience of a lifetime. The thrill of rafting Soča in rapidly flowing rivers is something you should experience. Moreover, with experienced guides, you don’t have to worry about safety. The professionals who accompany you on rafts are trained to handle any emergency. You will also be wearing life-saving vests to ensure you don’t down if you accidentally tip over into fast-flowing water.

The rubber dinghies may seem flimsy, but they are the best defense against the jacked/ sharp rocks on the river bed. Solid wood boats/rafts would crack and splinter while these rafts merely bump off and continue down the stream.

Travel off-season

Traveling during the peak season can ruin the experience for everyone. Not only is it crowded, but the cost of rentals and recreational activities goes up exponentially. The neighboring cities in the vicinity of the national park thrive on tourism. Therefore, visiting in the off-season may be the best idea.

Not only will accommodation be cheaper, but airfare as well. For people flying to TN from across the country, booking tickets isn’t always cost-effective. They can cost a hefty amount if you don’t time your vacation effectively.

Put the camera away

You may be tempted to capture the natural beauty of the place. However, remember that experience trumps digital images. The images don’t hold as much emotion as your cognitive memories do. Living in the moment and appreciating your surroundings with your five senses is better than living through the camera’s eye.

We’re not telling you not to take pictures, but don’t take too many while giving up the experience. After a certain point, you should put your camera away and appreciate the majesty before you. A few pictures here and there might be a great way to remember the place in general, but your experiences will last forever. Stay true to the environment and avoid all kinds of digital distractions. That includes your phone and social media.


If you’re planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains, this article has a few tips for you. Come prepared with all your trekking essentials, or rent a jeep if you’re not up for long walks. Book a cabin nestled in nature’s heart to double the experience. Engage in some thrilling activities such as white water rafting. We also recommended going off-season and spending more time basking in the natural beauty instead of clicking away with your cam.

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