The most safe foundations in Europe, Ekol Hospitals

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Covid 19 outbreak is a real threat to everyone especially the hospital around the world. Most hospitals, especially in Europe, have now forced themselves into war centers against the virus. As such, there was a noticeable decrease in other medical services other than virus treatment. In this context, Ekol hospitals are one of the only hospitals that provide other medical services other than virus treatment. And it does not make any direct intervention for covid 19 cases. As such, they are in a very safe condition in terms of virus spread, because no one with any case is treated. In addition, they keep the counter-measures so high that no cases have been recorded since the virus started. In this context, Ekol hospitals are among the safest centers, the number of which has decreased considerably in Europe and even in the world.

Turkey is a safe haven for Covid 19

Compared to other European countries, the number of cases is very safe in Turkey. While England also confirmed that the number of new cases per day are at 50.000, new cases in Turkey is about 4000. Hence, Turkey has become a safe haven for those who want to get medical treatment and set a safe distance to Covid-19 by doing so. In this context, Ekol hospitals have managed to become one of the rare places untouched by the virus by increasing the counter-measures. Becoming unhealthy while trying to improve health is a very frightening thing. The general director explains this situation as follows; “Another reason why our patients choose us is that we have almost never been affected by the coronavirus. While other medical institutions in Europe now only work on the virus, we, as Ekol hospitals, continue to serve our patients in other fields.”

“You will be totally safe from any diseases in the World in Ekol hospitals.” Regional Manager of Ekol Hospitals says.

The number of new cases considered to be promising in Turkey, by making the right steps at the beginning and applying the most accurate large-scale locked down moments, now Turkey is a much better position than other European countries. As such, medical services continue without any disruption, and undoubtedly, Ekol hospitals, which provide these treatments, continue to work without any direct interest in the virus. As we can see in the regional manager of Ekol hospitals guarantee, Ekol hospitals are one of the last remaining safe centers in the world and do not contain any disease in any way. “I felt completely safe during my departure to Ekol hospitals in Turkey because they are in a far better position in case of virus than we do and a vocation inside England would be a trip that quite dangerous,” said Dave, from Yorkshire, England.


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