The Latest In Quantum: Babcock X Arqit

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Regular readers will know by now that I love nothing more than being the first to tell you all about something new in the world of tech, so I was delighted to be one of the very first to find out about the latest quantum collaboration! A combination of two leading experts in their respective fields, this latest joint project could have huge implications across the globe… so it’s one you’ll wanna tell your friends about.

What’s This Collaboration, Then?

Talk-of-the-town cyber security experts and quantum encryption leaders Arqit Limited recently announced that they have entered into a collaboration agreement with Babcock Integrated Technology Limited.

Who Is Arqit?

Arqit is a UK-based company supplying a unique quantum encryption Platform-as-a-Service which is capable of securing communications from any networked device, protecting shared data from both existing and potential future forms of cyber attack (including quantum-enabled hacking). 

A fairly new addition to the world of Quantum computing, Arqit has literally rocketed its way to the top. This incredible rise to fame is all down to the “unbreakable” product they’ve created, which seems to have come to light just as everyone is panicking about the potential for quantum technology to break every other security solution on the market (great timing, right?!)

Who Is Babcock?

Babcock, as it is known, describes itself as “a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services which support national defence and protect communities.” Working mostly with the international aerospace, defence and security industries, the company’s clients include the British Army, Royal Navy, Ministry of Defence, Network Rail, and the entire UK submarine fleet! 

These guys have been around a lot longer than their new partners, with history dating right back to the 1800’s. The organisation started as an American heavy industrial manufacturer, shifting both homes and industries many times before settling in London in 1987. In 2002, the company’s services were reclassified to ‘support services’, reflecting the business it is in right now. 

So What’s The Big Deal?

This exciting agreement will see the two organisations put to the test a wide range of solutions for Babcock’s government and defence customers in an attempt to prove the encryption capabilities of Arqit’s QuantumCloud™ product. 

Arqit’s primary product and the source of its rise to fame, QuantumCloud™, is an encryption software which creates encryption keys that are impossible to break, even for quantum computers.  For anyone who isn’t overly familiar with quantum computing, this is an incredibly big deal. That’s because these computers are so complex and intelligent that they are capable of solving problems in a matter of seconds that would take a normal computer some thousands of years to solve. Google has even claimed that its quantum computer is up to 158 million times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer. So why does speed matter? Well, whilst supercomputers and even some “ordinary” computers can technically crack the code needed to break the barriers of our current cyber security programmes, they would take so long to do so that it literally wouldn’t be worth it (we’re talking hundreds of years). However, a quantum computer could do it right away. So a cyber criminal and a quantum computer is basically a recipe for disaster…  

Now do you get why this is so cool?! Great. Let’s continue…

How Will It Be Tested?

Under the agreement, the product will be tested in “live operational scenarios to prove its encryption capabilities in a dynamic environment and across a variety of platforms and military networks.” 

Projects mentioned in the original announcement include an unmanned ground vehicle programme, both secure manned and unmanned aerial vehicle programmes, and a secure maritime connectivity programme. 

Needless to say, if successful, this programme could pave the way for privacy, cyber-security and national defence. 

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