The Ins and Outs of Vitamin K2

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Vitamin K is an essential nutrient when it comes to blood clotting. It can be seen in two forms known as Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. It occurs both in animal proteins and foods that went through fermentation.

Before you order vitamin k2 online, you can go over further details on how it helps in maintaining the health of bodily functions, its additional health benefits, how much you can take, and also the possible deficiency symptoms that it can address.

What Is Vitamin K2?

It is one of the known forms of vitamin K and can be subdivided into different divisions, such as MK-4 and MK-7. Vitamin K also activates proteins, thus aiding in blood clotting, the metabolism of calcium, and maintaining a healthy heart.

Vitamin K is also seen to control calcium deposition, promoting bone calcification and preventing calcification in the kidneys as well as the blood vessels. Vitamin K2 primarily focuses on heart and bone health.

Primary Sources of Vitamin K2

  • beef
  • chicken
  • dairy products
  • egg yolks
  • fish rich in fat
  • liver and other organs
  • pork
  • natto
  • sauerkraut

Benefits of Vitamin K2

As stated, asides from the help that it can provide to the breakdown of calcium, it is a primary mineral that is present in your bones and your teeth. It stimulates the calcium-binding abilities of the matrix GLA protein and osteocalcin, that assists the maintenance of bones.

With osteoporosis occurring mostly in women who have gone through menopause, vitamin K2 is known to slowly lessen the speed with which the mineral in bones becomes dense.

There is also particular research that shows how vitamin K2 can help maintain dental health, as one of the proteins linked to vitamin K2, osteocalcin is activated with the use of K2, and is known to be important in bone stimulation.

If you have the risk of developing depression or anxiety, daily intake of vitamin K2 is known to control blood glucose, which often results in depression and stress when at high levels.

As vitamin K2 is known to have antioxidants, these are great when it comes to protecting you against cancer, as it stops the growth of tumour cells inside the body.

Recommended Doses

Before you order vitamin k2 online, it is best to know the recommended dosage for either males or females. According to the ODS, or the Office of Dietary Supplements, 120 micrograms is the daily intake for vitamin K.


Although a deficiency in vitamin K is uncommon if your doctor advises you to take supplements, make sure to follow the prescription to the letter so you will not be at the risk of overdose.

Always check the nutrition label to check how much nutrients you are getting when taking in vitamin K2, to make sure you are following your doctor’s prescription, and to make sure your health is in check.


It is best to be aware of the nutrients that are important for your health, and how much you are allowed to take. You should also know how vitamin K2 can help you in maintaining your bodily functions in tip-top shape. Supplements are not made to cure diseases. Instead, it was invented with the philosophy of “prevention is better than cure” in mind. Take the necessary steps to avoid getting sick by taking supplements, eating right, and getting adequate exercise and sleep.





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