The Importance of Skills Testing in Temporary Recruitment

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Employers usually put a lot of effort into finding the best-fit candidates for their jobs. Yet, they often neglect pre-employment skills testing.

Screening candidates for technical skills is not an easy job. How can you trust an applicant telling you they have a rich experience with specific tasks? How to differentiate between an honest applicant and an exaggerating one. The best way is to use skills assessment software.

It is a step that provides insight into a candidate’s personality and gauges their skills and aptitude. Even if employers get the help of a recruitment agency, it’s a tedious job to analyze the skills of a list of candidates. Why not use temporary recruitment software to get the job done in a simplified way?

What is Temporary Recruitment Software?

Temporary recruitment software helps recruitment agencies to engage and retain their temporary workforce. The software screens candidates at speed, allows them to be placed at positions suitable to their skills and sends a bill to clients to pay workers efficiently. In this way, the smooth running of the recruitment process saves the time and effort of recruitment consultants.

Types of Temporary Recruitment Software

Recruitment agencies can manage their temporary desk operation with the help of a multitasking recruitment CRM. This automated skills assessment software enables recruiters to only match competent and compliant candidates.

Temporary recruitment software includes:

  • Payroll software linked with timesheet data to help workers get paid on time and accurately. At the same time, clients receive bills efficiently.
  • On-demand pay software enables temporary workers to enjoy the perks of receiving payment in the hour of need.
  • Mobile worker apps that facilitate workers to have a better experience, such as Indeed and LinkedIn.

How Does Skills Assessment Software Work?

With time there has been a rise in the use of recruitment software by recruiting agencies. As temporary recruitment software enables them to improve their services by streamlining the recruitment process. However, recruitment software alone doesn’t suffice the needs of hiring. It works best in collaboration with skills assessment software.

Assessing skills helps recruiters narrow their list of candidates, selecting the perfect fit for their clients. No doubt, the concept of testing candidates’ skills is not a new one. Hence, recruitment agencies increasingly turn to skills assessment software to get an overview of applicants’ skills.

Some of the ways skills assessment software facilitates the recruitment process are:

  • Saving the time for recruiters that would have been wasted in scrutinizing hundreds of candidates before finding one with the required skill.
  • Giving unbiased and equal chances to all applicants to showcase themselves. This ensures the best talent hunt from all walks of life.
  • Providing evidence-based information about a candidate’s knowledge and skill to the client.
  • Assuring companies to have only the right person with the best skills to match the required job.
  • Satisfying the client’s demand of presenting only thoroughly assessed and relevant candidates.
  • Building trust with the clients results in business growth.

Skills assessment software works best if integrated with the recruitment CRM of the agency. The seamless working of the two software improves efficiency and productivity.

However, to find out how a candidate could be the best fit for the job, ask them to complete a task while in the job role. Skills assessment software automatically tests candidates according to their job.

For instance, if the candidate is in finance, they may need to edit spreadsheet documents. If it’s a matter of software development, the software asks them to write code. For someone in marketing, a skills assessment test comprises presenting an idea.

Bottom Line

Temporary recruitment by recruiting agencies has been facilitated much with the help of skills assessment software. Recruiters don’t need to burn the midnight oil to get through the tedious process of sorting out the best possible candidates for their clients. All they need temporary recruitment software and skills assessment software, and the job is done.

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