The Best Way to Spend Time in Canada: Like Niagara Falls

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Canada offers a mix of experiences that cuts across every major city and town, displaying various natural and manmade landscapes for residents and tourists. While it is completely up to you to decide on the best way to spend your precious time in Canada, one thing is certain, you will never run out of options.

In the heart of Canada lies Toronto, which is the biggest city in the country. You can choose to explore the cosmopolitan destinations in the major cities or opt to explore some of nature’s finest gifts to mankind. From the stunning Niagara Falls to the mountain towns of Banff and Whistler, Canada offers the perfect itinerary to both lovers of nature and culture.

Of course, there are several other ways to spend time in Canada. If you are visiting for the first time and have no clue as regards where to get started, this article makes it very easy for you.

So, if you are in Canada, waste no time. Below are some destinations and activities that could make your trip worthwhile.

Quebec City

Well, if your French is just as bad as ours, then you might have to rethink this location. However, that is certainly not enough to make you miss out on the beautiful and historic sceneries in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. With the history of the city dating as far back as the 16th century, the city has several historic sites and buildings that will stir your appreciation for history.

Meanwhile, if you do get the timing right, you could be just in time for the famous Carnaval de Quebec, which takes place every winter and is a huge source of attraction from around the world.


Backed by snow-capped mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, you can never go wrong planning a trip to Vancouver at any time of the year. During summer, sunbathers can relax on the beaches after enjoying a good swim, while skiers get to enjoy winter by hitting nearby ski resorts.

Niagara Falls

The majestic Niagara Falls is no doubt one of Canada’s most famous natural attractions that attract millions of tourists from over the world. The view is nothing like you’ve ever seen, with a massive flow of water continuously pounding over the falls. Tourists are allowed to get a close view as much as possible, and you could hear the sound of the water falling heavily and watch it disappear over the crown.

Meanwhile, the fall is more than just a point of attraction. It has played a great influence in defining the atmosphere and peculiarities of the surrounding city. One of the must-visit locations is the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara. Standing majestically on a cliff directly overlooking the beautiful Niagara Falls, Fallsview Casino is one of the most remarkable architectural objects in the Niagara skyline.

With over 3000 slot machines and 130 tables covering a massive 200000 square feet, this luxurious resort also features private suites and penthouses offering incredible views of the fall. Certainly, your trip to Canada cannot be complete without a visit to Falls view Casino. Playing Canadian online casinos is one thing, but seeing casinos in person is completely breathtaking, just trust the author – Michelle Thomas, who has an eye for such things!


Despite what many believe, Toronto is not the capital of Canada! That being said, Toronto is the largest city in the whole of Canada. This ever-bustling city is home to numerous cultural pockets such as Koreatown, Little India and Greektown all within the city.

One of the most remarkable landmarks is the 1815 ft tall CN Tower, among other monumental edifices that make the city a great place to visit. Tourists also get treated to some of the best restaurants, shopping malls, Broadway shows, opera and many more.


As the capital of Canada, you can expect this city to host some special landmarks. Set along the Rideau Canal, Ottawa is a beautiful city home to Parliament Hill, the national museum, and several historic sites. During summer, the highlight of the year is marked by the Canada Day Celebration and the Tulip Festival. However, it gets a lot of ice in winter, transforming the canal into a long skating rink that hosts the famous Winterlude celebrations. Certainly, with the summer and winter packed with exciting events, there is always something to enjoy whenever you decide to visit, whether it is summer or winter.


What is the best way to spend time in Canada? Canada is a city blessed with natural and manmade landscapes. With so many destinations to visit and activities to keep you engaged, it is up to you to decide when and how you choose to spend your time. Certainly, it’s going to be an eventful one.

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