The Best Types of Sneaker Fashion for 2021

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The Best Types of Sneaker Fashion for 2021

Did you know the global footwear market is valued at $365.5 billion?

Shoes are a necessity, but they can also change the look of an entire outfit. So it’s no surprise that we’re all constantly searching for the perfect pair.

However, shoe trends come and go. How can you make sure your footwear is on-trend for 2021?

We’re here to help you out! Check out our guide below for some types of sneaker trends coming up in the next year!

High Top Sneakers

It’s time to shelf your sandals. High top sneakers are back in fashion!

Converse has perhaps the most famous high top sneaker design, but there are plenty of other brands taking a stab at high tops. Big names like DKNY and Gucci are putting out classy and stylish high tops if the classic Converse design isn’t your cup of tea.

Futuristic Types of Sneaker Trends

If you’re itching to look like a sci-fi protagonist, it’s time to jump on the futuristic sneaker trend. With a spectrum of designs, there’s definitely a futuristic-style design for every sneakerhead.

Many of the popular futuristic sneakers will feature neutral bodies, especially black and off-white. These will be contrasted by bold metallic accents.

But don’t worry if shiny sneaks aren’t your thing! There are plenty of pastel options cropping up too.

You’ll see lots of minty green and light peach sneaker bodies. They’ll be paired with translucent ribbing and edges to give off an otherworldly vibe.

Designer Name Sneakers 

It’s clear that name-brand styles are dominating the clothing market; teenagers cloaked in Supreme and Gucci t-shirts are proof. Designer name shoes are making just as big of a resurgence.

2021 is the year to get your hands on some classics. The Adidas Superstar sneaker has been on the rise for the past few years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

However, you don’t have to opt for a monochrome fit. There are plenty of unique designer styles being released.

The Air Jordan Shasiko by Nike is a great example. Its denim patchwork style makes it a one-of-a-kind design.

The All-White Trend

If you like to stick with one set of sneakers, your go-to choice for 2021 should be an all-white pair. The plain white sneaker trend is growing, and for good reason! They complement practically every outfit.

They’re an especially great option if you’re loyal to a certain brand or type of sneaker. Just about any design can be found in a solid white.

Mom and Dad Sneakers

Looking for types of sneaker trends to match your throwback style? Mom and dad sneakers are the answer!

Mom and dad sneakers have become popular in the streetwear community, but their reach is expanding. These pairs typically are a bit more on the clunky side, but that only adds to their charm!

With the revival of ’80s and ’90s fashion in 2021, mom and dad sneakers will fit right in. You’ll typically find these chunky shoes with off-white bodies and vibrant accent colors.

Start Styling

Shoes can make or break an outfit. But now that you know the types of sneaker trends scheduled for 2021, you’ll have no trouble staying current with your own style!

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