Stay in control whether in the office or in the field

Piran Tarapore
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Planning software helps companies manage the interventions of technicians who are often in the field. This particularly meets the needs of companies in sectors such as heating / air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, landscaping or works in general. Our dispatch software allows you to manage your interventions digitally and to replace paper sheets, the planning whiteboard and telephone calls to technicians. This online platform can thus also be defined as intervention management software or planning management software. Reveal Field offers better visibility of the position and status of your technicians in order to best respond to your customers and their requests. This scheduling software is ideal for joint management of calendars and files. See where the technicians are available.

Plan calls and missions for customer and mission information. In case of change, simply click / drag the mission on a new schedule and the technician will be notified immediately by the application. Field development planning software allows all the employees of the company to connect on the same platform to discuss the monitoring of their work and avoid manual feedback. Dispatchers can write down all the detailed information on a mission directly on the software. This avoids paper notes which can be lost. This also saves time because each update is transmitted to all the people concerned without the need to exchange by phone.

Dispatch software finally prevents technicians from being cut off in the performance of their interventions while giving visibility to customers on the management of their appointment. Distribute interventions directly to technicians via the application. They can define the status and progress of their missions. They also have the possibility of seeing their planning, collecting signatures, photos and notes from the mobile application. Receive notifications in the event of a delay by a technician or when he has not seen the intervention assigned to him. Use geo location information to provide the customer with a forecast of the estimated time of arrival. Send confirmations and reminders of appointments to customers.

By using a platform which simultaneously tracks the fleet by GPS and the management of interventions, it is possible to access the status of the missions, the technicians’ schedule and the position of the vehicles in real time, all within of the same space. With this combined view of the calendar and the live map, responding to emergencies is much more effective. View the list of daily missions including important information by mission. Report on the progress of the mission status – in progress, paused, completed.

The design of our solution has been thought to be simple and intuitive for everyone. Each type of user: manager or technician will see a dedicated tutorial when they first connect to the tool. Thanks to the step-by-step procedure integrated into the platform, they can easily learn how to use it. The system gives technicians more autonomy so that they have less need to call the office. The tool allows them to simply update their status and continue their interventions. The ease of use of the application coupled with the comfort it brings to them greatly facilitates their working days. It offers a training and reception service dedicated to new customers to support you and your teams. We also offer continuous after-sales service for the duration of the contract. Finally a manager of your dedicated account is there to answer your possible questions and make a regular update on your use.

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