Social Radio Founder Rohan Saddy on the Value of TikTok Marketing

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Rohan Saddy is a prolific entrepreneur running businesses across multiple digital mediums. He currently manages the largest TikTok creator group in Canada with over 20 million in combined following. More recently he has built a music marketing agency specifically for TikTok.

Rohan has been featured in numerous top-tier publications including NBC, Patch News, La Republica, Future Sharks, NewsBreak, and many more. We spoke with him to find out how he leveraged his network to streamline the way viral music hits are created.

Why should we care about TikTok?

Like many, I was highly skeptical of TikTok after its initial release. Youth content paired with influence from mainland China didn’t seem like the best combination. However, I was amazed to see the platform pick up traction so quickly, gaining a billion users faster than any app of its kind. Even after this rapid market domination, I was surprised at the lack of businesses taking advantage of the app’s many strengths especially music promotion.

How has TikTok changed the music industry?

At its core, TikTok is a music app, and it has proven to be unmatched at creating hits. Right now, 40 out of the top 50 viral songs in the world got their start on the platform. Tune into streaming services and radio stations around the world and you’ll see the extent of TikTok’s influence. However, this trend is also changing the way we consume music. On TikTok, songs only have a few seconds to capture your attention which means artists are trying to squeeze as much as they can into shorter tracks. Nonetheless, TikTok has made largescale commercial success more accessible though many labels don’t know where to start.

How Are you changing the way marketing is done with Social Radio?

Seeing viral music hits consistently being created on TikTok, I was surprised to see that both labels and creators were rarely capitalizing. The creators I worked explained that music promotions are usually a huge hassle for everyone involved. On one hand, artists and labels have trouble navigating TikTok and end up grossly overpaying or misspending their budget on the wrong audience. Meanwhile, creators often dislike the music they’re using and damage their brand with misplaced promotions. This disconnect stood out to me as something that could be fixed by providing more freedom on both sides. I created SocialRadio with this in mind. With our large network of creators, artists and labels are now able to maximize their budget by targeting certain audiences with customized campaigns. Our creators get a better experience too. They receive a full list of song promotions and are able to pick the ones they actually enjoy. Increasing freedom on both ends lets us help artists make more hits and creators make more money.

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