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The website provides development services and integrated solutions for scientific agencies, industrial establishments, service sectors, and major trading companies.

Egypt–Giza (Dated) – Sheild Consultancy is excited to announce the launch of its official website that will help to entertain the business world on (date It has been established for information technology, communication, audio, video Security and Anti-piracy experts, which is located at El-Bostan, Al Sheikh Zayed, Giza Governorate, Egypt.

Through cooperation with Arab companies and other important global establishments operating in this field. The company does its best to provide enhanced services and integrated answers for its customers, including institutes and major foundations to keep up with the technical enhancement, update its products for the competence of global trades, reach the marketing targets and spread in external markets to achieve objectives of export revenues through information systems and superior structure supplied through the agency which plays a massive role in reducing products and services cost.

The mission is to struggle to lead in the development of the industry’s most advanced information technologies and business management services. The vision is to delight the customers, employees, by becoming the most successful company on delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve.

Currently, the services comprised by the website are:

Our Services
  • Commercial Cinema Solutions, Design & Consultancy
  • Home Cinema Solutions & Design
  • Business consulting
  • Web Development and Coding
  • Digital Branding Consultancy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Content Removal
  • Digital reputation management
  • DMCA- Copyright
  • Digital Anti-Piracy Protection
  • YouTube DMCA Protection
  • Search Engine Takedowns
  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • Information Security Compliance Services
  • MPA Security Compliance
  • Physical & Digital security services
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services.
  • Penetration Testing & Vulnerability scanning
  • Security Consultation (Media production companies)

It provides information to a client and helps the customer by solving their problems. Their problems can be solved by making an analysis that requires the redefinition of the problems, by making suggestions based on the analysis. Then, assist with the application of recommended solutions. After that, Build commitment and an agreement and around helpful action. It Facilitates client learning, that is, teach customers how to sort out the similar problems in the future. Finally, it permanently improves organizational effectiveness.

The company has engaged a brilliant and highly skilled incorporate team of experts to provide a varied range of digital services. The company puts tries its best to build a strong relationship with clients to make them satisfied. The company is proud to bring the opportunity by launching this website and it is linked to the clients, named ‘New Century’ and ‘Dollar Film’, who are Shield Consultancy is there to help you whether you need to initiate your new business, improve your digital marketing or to manage digital business status, it is always there for various services.

Shield Consultancy offers the perfect balance between services and price. With first-class plannings and strategies. Shield Consultancy is a total solutions provider, offers expert data networking with implementations and maintenance. It focuses on providing a wide range of data and communication services, information technology and reliable services to the business community.

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