Sallow skin home remedy

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Our skin naturally loses some of its glow and tautness as we age. It becomes uneven in texture, tone, and thickness – in short, sallow.

But even younger folks may suffer from sallow skin and it is not necessarily due to aging.

Why do we have sallow skin?

When we have sallow skin, our skin turns yellow, especially on the face. We find spots, blemishes, and wrinkles in places they are not supposed to show up, and it just looks dull and unhealthy in general.

Other than the natural process of growing older, there are external factors that can cause this common dermatological complaint:

Sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep leads to our skin not getting enough nutrients and hydration it needs to stay healthy. Seven to nine hours of sleep is ideal for our skin to recuperate.


Smoke and dust suspended in the air clog our skin pores. This leads to further skin issues like blemishes and acne.


Other than drinking water and fluids, we should also hydrate our skin with moisturizers to keep our skin looking supple and replenished. Some of the best moisturizers are available at the drugstore.

Diet and vitamin deficiency

The skin reflects the kind of nourishment our body receives. We need certain vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin D, and variants of vitamin B to regulate our health and protect us from environmental elements. A proper, well-balanced diet complemented with supplementary pills when necessary should do the trick.

  • UV rays

Ultraviolet rays are at their peak between 9AM to 4PM. Apply sunscreen during this period of the day to avoid damage from too much sun exposure.


When we are stressed, our skin becomes weak and loses its first layer of defense not just against skin problems like wrinkles and acne but also other health problems like blood pressure and weight gain/loss.


Smoking accelerates the skin’s aging process by reducing our natural levels of collagen, the component in our body responsible for our skin’s tightness. Aside from that, it prevents the skin from getting enough oxygen causing it to dry and get wrinkled over time.

Poor skin care

Chances are, you don’t clean and moisturize your skin enough. Pamper your skin regularly and don’t take it for granted, especially if you have a grungy lifestyle.


Overdoing it with matte makeup can affect the natural oil levels of our face. Also, do away with makeup removers with alcohol.


Sallow skin could also be caused by anemia or the condition where our red blood cells don’t get enough oxygen to deliver to the rest of the body. It is best to consult a doctor for this.

Home remedies for sallow skin

Apart from prescribed medicine, appropriate skin products, and lifestyle changes, there are home remedies for the sallow skin malady. Below are some kitchen items rich in vitamins and nutrients that you can try once to twice a week:

Sugar scrub

Mix ½ cup of brown sugar with two tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey and scrub the mixture in a circular motion. Rinse after 4-5 minutes.


Squeeze out lemon juice into a bowl and dab it on your face with a sterile cotton pad. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing or earlier when it starts stinging your skin.


Mix ½ cup of yogurt with a tablespoon of honey and apply it on the face for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.


Honey is a great standalone treatment. Apply it on the face for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.

Walnut scrub

Mix 5-5 crushed walnuts with a cup of yogurt. Leave the mixture on the face after applying for 15-minutes before rinsing.

Aloe vera

Mix two parts aloe vera gel with one-part brown sugar and scrub it on the face for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.


Blend a cucumber with a tablespoon of aloe vera gel to a fine paste. Apply as a face mask for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.


Blend a handful of neem leaves, 3 tablespoons of yogurt, and a teaspoon of honey to a fine paste. Apply as a face mask for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.

Chocolate mask

Melt ¼ cup of melted dark chocolate with a tablespoon of milk and three drops of honey in a double boiler. After letting it cool, apply it on the face and rinse after 15-20 minutes.


Blend two slices of pineapple and two teaspoons of gram flour to a paste. Apply on the face for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Bottom line

Sallow skin is reversible with enough TLC. However, seek your doctor when the sallow skin starts to look like a symptom of a direr health issue.


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