Royal Holiday Vacation Club Guests Love New Safety Protocols

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Traveling during a pandemic can be stressful, but with Royal Holiday Vacation Club, it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you stay at a Royal Holiday resort or hotel, rest assured it’s just as safe as staying in your own home. Their robust and seamless safety and sanitation protocols ensure the only thing guests have to worry about is relaxing and letting the staff at Royal Holiday tend to all their needs.

Staying Safe with Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday’s staff are committed to taking care of their guests and, to that end, have introduced their Safe Guest Program in collaboration with Cristal International Standards.

All of their staff are trained by safety experts. They know the proper hygiene protocols to follow when cleaning your room, safely prepare and serve your food and check the water you drink and swim in.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing hygienic safety should be the top priority, and we are glad to see that Royal Holiday has the safety measures to match the rest of their high-quality services.

Let’s look at a few of the many ways Royal Holiday Vacation Club ensures its guest’s health and safety.

Room Check

All of Royal Holiday Vacation Clubs’ room cleaning procedures are measured against international reference points. Their team ensures hygienic conditions on all its properties.

They are constantly monitoring their performance to ensure the safest conditions possible for both guests and staff.

Food Check

All staff and servers are trained to handle food with the utmost care and safety, including the proper use of PPE, handwashing, and best food preparation practices.

There should be no doubt in guests’ minds that they are getting the freshest ingredients, prepared by well-trained chefs and served in a sanitary environment.

All of the delicious food at Royal Holiday Vacation Club comes with that guarantee.

Aqua Check

Royal Holiday keeps its drinking water safe and free from harmful bacteria by using an extensive line of Cristal International Standards ECOLAB products.

Their aqua check procedures significantly lower the risk of legionnaires disease. Staff are always on hand following precise water safety protocols, keeping detailed records, monitoring temperatures, and ensuring clean drinking water for all their valued guests.

Pool Check

Like their water safety check, all Royal Holiday Vacation Club pools are constantly checked to ensure the water is of the safest quality.

The pools at Royal Holiday hotels and resorts are always packed. The children are always smiling, and the water is clear.

Safe Guest Program

The Safe Guest Program is a convenient 7-step process that ensures Royal Holiday Vacation Club guests are safe, happy, and stay healthy during their stay.

The program is centered on the highest hygiene procedures and covers all aspects of a guests’ stay with them.

Go over these seven steps and see how Royal Holiday Vacation Club has thought of everything:

  1. Happy to meet you again: right from their arrival, guests know Royal Holiday Vacation Club has their every need in mind, from disinfectant rugs for shoes to sanitation gels, temperatures, luggage disinfectant, and social distancing practices.
  2. Rest and relax: once you’re checked in, you can let the weight lift off your shoulders and know your stay with Royal Holiday will be refreshing and safe.
  3. Enjoy your stay: the safety procedures in place at the many Royal Holiday Vacation Club locations mean that guests have only one thing to worry about: enjoying their stay. ECOLAB products keep cots, chairs, beds, and tables sanitary so you can vacation worry-free.
  4. Delightful meals: renowned chefs prepare sumptuous meals following the highest standards in food and meal preparation. Disinfected digital menus and social distancing between tables are offered. Tables and chairs are also disinfected after each use.
  5. Fun for you: Royal Holiday Vacations welcomes your whole family to have fun and explore their many amenities. There is something there for everyone.
  6. Come back soon: express check-out ensures you don’t have to wait long to check out, and urns are located by the reception area allowing guests to deposit their keys safely.
  7. Where the magic happens: Royal Holiday’s Safe Guest Protocol ensures everything is clean and disinfected so that you can feel when you vacation as safe as you do in your own home.

How Does the Royal Holiday Vacation Club Work?

Royal Holiday is a vacation club that lets guests travel to over 180 destinations in over 50 countries worldwide.

Belonging to the club is affordable and straightforward. It will even save you money in the long run if you keep your membership active.

With a Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership, you can travel to the best locations: New York, Paris, London, Madrid, the Bahamas. Wherever you want to go, a Roll Holiday Club Membership can take you there.

Five membership levels allow you to accumulate points to use on future vacations:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Royal

Purchase a membership on their website or speak to a customer service representative, and they’ll be happy to answer your questions.

How Do I Cancel My Royal Holiday Club Membership?

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club team ensures every guest has the time of their lives at one of their resorts. Their customer support personnel are always eager to help make your stay even better. Just ask them how they can solve your problem, and your needs will be met. You can only find the best prices and deals for vacations at Royal Holiday Vacations.

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