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A plane trip is not always easy, especially when it is a long flight. Planning is therefore essential to live the experience well. Since airlines no longer have to follow specific pricing rules, airline ticket prices have changed dramatically. The factors are as diverse as they are varied: the distance traveled the type of class, the price of fuel, taxes, local regulations, demand, dates, etc. This price fluctuation allows companies to maximize their revenues, but enormously complicates things for us, buyers. Especially since their pricing policy varies from country to country.


There was a time when the best time to book a ticket was between 6 to 8 weeks before the departure date. But today, I recommend that you book your flight as soon as you know your departure date. The Sky scanner site recently reviewed thousands of flight data to determine the best time to buy a cheap flights ticket and I have provided you with a summary below:

The best time of the year

The cheapest month of the year to fly, all destinations combined, is January, followed by February and September. By leaving at the right time, it is possible to find air tickets around 22% cheaper than on average.

How far in advance to book a long-haul flight

If you are leaving from Paris for long-haul destinations, it is preferable to book between 22 and 24 weeks in advance (i.e. around 5 to 5 and a half months), because for almost half of them, this is when you will find the best price.

How far in advance to book a domestic flight

On average, Sky scanner indicates that the best time to book domestic flights is 2 to 3 weeks in advance and that the best time to book international trips is 5 to 6 months in advance.


If last-minute flights are generally expensive, it is still possible to get good deals, especially if an airline is looking to get rid of a few unsold products a few hours before departure. But no secret, just be flexible on its destination is its date. There is generally a search function “Everywhere” and “all month” on the flight engines.

Some concrete examples

By taking my research a little further, I discovered that it was far from being an isolated case. With the Norwegian company, it’s even worse, since from France, the price of a flight was displayed at 150 €, and that from Singapore, it was displayed at 150SGD, or 97 €! So, it was much more worth booking from the Singapore site. It is really a strange way to get the vagueness in the minds of buyers, to keep the same amount but to change currency.

Same thing with the company WOW, which has decided to apply higher rates at each of its local sites. While a flight is 120 CAD on the Canadian local site, it is 134 CAD on the American local site, 138 CAD on the English local site, 136 CAD on the French local site and 140 CAD on the site Swedish local. Certainly the difference is much less important than with the Norwegian company, but in the end, the principle remains the same.

Well, I’m not going to continue to list the airlines that practice this type of pricing, but, as you can imagine, almost all of them do. And suddenly, you know me all that made me think. How to take the airlines to their own game and take advantage of this price fluctuation?


Instead of going to a country where the plane ticket is expensive, go to a destination where the flight is cheaper.

Let’s take a concrete example; you want to go to Bali from Paris for a stay of a few weeks, say from April 22 to May 24 (date completely at random)! Your first reflex will be to look for Paris-Bali. Here is the most acceptable flight I came across: The stopover is not too long, the price was one of the lowest, I think most people would take this flight. Now I know that the “low-cost” airline Air-Asia offers really cheap flights all over Asia. I know they also have many flights from Bangkok and even Kuala Lumpur because they are big hubs (here are other hubs around the world for your research: Atlanta, Lima, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Frankfurt, and London)

So obviously, flights with stopovers take more time, but keep in mind that with 124 euros we eat for 20 days in Bali in a Warungu and we can find a comfortable place to sleep for more than a week! I think its well worth the few hours of discomfort. I also found these flights in 5 minutes for the purposes of this article, I am sure that by looking a little longer and trying other combinations, dates and airport I could find something more interesting. Just keep in mind that if you go through a hub (and therefore you buy your tickets separately) you will have to collect your luggage, leave the airport to re-enter and check in again on your next flight. But then why not stays a night or two in Kuala Lumpur and enjoy what the city has to offer?


Algorithms have been developed to save your searches in your browser and understand that if you do the same search several times in a short time, you are very likely to buy airline tickets soon. It is therefore a question of encouraging you to take action, by making you pay the maximum, as long as you do. You begin to understand the trap. Most major cities have a smaller, secondary airport. It is at this airport that most low-cost flights arrive and depart because landing costs are cheaper. Learn about the airlines that fly to these airports.

In France, Ryan Air flights depart from Beauvais airport instead of Charles de Gaulles or Orly. In Los Angeles, you can fly to Long Beach, an airport near the city, instead of landing at LAX. As mentioned earlier, in Kuala Lumpur, Air Asia, Asia’s largest low-cost airline, flies to an airport far away from the main airport (and offers cheap bus routes to the city!). Most of the time, you only pay taxes on these low-cost tickets. It is therefore a very good alternative to standard airline flights when possible.

The service on these flights is very limited but they save you a lot of money. Remember to check how far from the city center the airport is. Sometimes transportation from the airport to the city center can make the total cost of your low-cost transportation more expensive than a regular ticket. But in general, low-cost flights are still good deals and I am using them very often for my short distance flights.


Most people who search for their airline tickets online tend to go to Go Voyage or Expedia. As this article shows, you are making a big mistake if you are. These sites are owned or operated by airlines. The offers they offer are therefore not without bias.

I advise you to look on as many comparators as possible to ensure you have the best deal. In addition, many comparators do not list low-cost companies because they do not want to pay commission. The best comparators are those who have no affiliation with airlines and who earn their money from advertising (and not through reservations). It is important to check several sites when booking because prices sometimes vary and it would be a shame to miss a more attractive offer.

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