Positive and negative aspects of television.

Piran Tarapore
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Is the use of television a positive or negative aspect in our life?
Television through newscasts keeps us informed of what is happening in the world in real time, it is also an entertainment tool helping us to distract from the worries of our life. However, it has become a real addiction, moving away from other interests such as studying, reading or sports for example. The time in front of the TV reduces the time to devote to the family, to communicate and to have contacts with other people. But there are also other problems including the one that affects television programs, today there is too much vulgarity in them, obviously not suitable for audiences of minors, since it often leads these kids to imitate what they do and say on TV. Over time there has been a decrease in cultural programs replaced by quizzes or reality shows; but not only that, even the news broadcasts have lost their primitive purpose of informing, but for the most part only reports on the gossip are broadcast.

But it cannot be said that it is useless, quite the opposite. How many times after a long, stressful day of work or school, do we just want to relax on our sofa watching our favorite TV show? On the other hand, there are still many cultural television programs that television offers us, mostly documentaries or which deal with politics, sports and shows. Phaedra Parks’ Fans Want Her To Replace NeNe Leakes On RHOA. We remember, however, that it is necessary to make appropriate use of it, it is right to be careful but in the end it is only necessary to know how to use it.

Each time has its words; each generation finds itself in its own language. Thus, even in the poems of all times, in addition to the profound sense of what the poet and poet wanted to tell, there are also signs of the language and words of that time.

And precisely to the poems, and the words of their time, is dedicated, the first challenge of the in collaboration with the Turin International Book Fair. Students will have to choose a famous poem, or a particularly significant fragment of it, and rewrite it with the language of these times. Always using lightness and irony.

Each participant will then be able to choose a poem and rewrite it keeping its meaning but updating it using today’s words and references as in the example proposed in the video.

In the editorial space in which the students write the “refreshes” verses of the poem, they must also indicate the title of the poem, and if possible the fragment, with which they intend to play. To participate there is time until midnight on March 15, 2020.

The winners, one for middle school and one for high school, will enter the list of candidates for the final victory of the Republican Scoular School by right and will have as prizes kit for the school and an invitation to the final event of the Commix Games 2020 that will take place held in Turin.

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