Polar Bears: Not Just Your Cute And Fluffy Creature

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Bears are one of the cutest creatures we can think of, maybe because of Winnie the Pooh’s influence in our childhood. When we think of the North Pole, there’s nothing that comes to our mind but Polar bears. These fluffy creatures are not just your ordinary bears; they have unique characteristics that made them distinct.


Polar bears are considered majestic creatures and spend their lifetime on or around the ocean. In some beliefs, they are a symbol of power or strength. Humans and continued climate change are the reasons why they are now considered an endangered species.

Polar Bears Have Black Skin

People think that polar bears are white. They appear white to our eyes, but they only have colorless hair and dark black skin when you see them closer. Their fur reflects light and absorbs heat; this is the reason why they appear white. This is one of the polar bear facts that is not known to most people.

They Can Move Fast on Land and Water

When you look at how the Polar Bear moves, they seem to be slow, but the truth is they can run fast on the land for about 40 kilometers per hour. And they can also conquer the waters for how many minutes. They are also called sea bears because polar bears can swim at 10 kilometers per hour. This agility is a perfect weapon for hunting food.

Polar Bears Overheat even in Cold Temperature.

Because of their thick fur, a slight change in the weather will impact them big time. They will experience overheating if the temperature reaches 20 degrees celsius. Polar bears can survive negative 50 degrees celsius. And with the continued climate change, there’s a big possibility that this species will be extinct. 


“Pizzly Bears” are Real

This breed is a combination of Polar and Grizzly bears, and scientists confirmed this breed existed way back in 2006. The first encounter of a unique looking hybrid or also called Pizzly bear was shot, and the DNA result shows that the mother is usually a polar bear and lives in the same habitat.

Livers of Polar Bear are Toxic

Polar Bears store a lot of fat because they usually eat seals. The reason behind why they can survive the cold is that their livers are unique. It can process a lot of fats and Vitamin A from the food that they consume. The liver of Polar Bear that has too much Vitamin A is the reason why it is harmful to humans to consume.


Climate Change Is A Big Threat To Polar Bears

Polar bears depend on sea ice in the arctic, and if it continues to melt because of climate change, they might become extinct. They are prone to overheating and will not survive even the slightest change in the temperature. They will also have a hard time hunting their prey without sea-ice platforms.


Based on research, the North Pole temperatures rise twice faster and melts ice at a pace of 4% per decade. They will also be prone to drowning without ice because they cannot survive in the water for a long time.

Polar Bear Hoards Food

Polar Bears’ everyday priority is to hunt food. But they are not always lucky in their hunt that’s the reason why they hoard or store as much food as they could to save for the rainy days. How do they hide the food? They will find a place and cover the seals and other prey that they killed in the snow. And they will go back where they put it and eat it whenever they need it.

Polar Bears are Endangered Species 

The government should also take part in helping this species to survive the continued climate change. Yes, it’s impossible to stop nature, but at least we take our role in trying to save this endangered species by lessening pollutants that affect the polar bear’s habitat. Polar bears are more likely to be extinct a few years from now, and we need to do something about it.

Other Facts of Polar Bears

The average lifespan of Polar Bears is 30 years. Today’s count of polar bears exited is around 26,000. They are huge, and they weigh 150 to 600 kilograms. A baby polar bear has the same weight as a guinea pig. After the hunt, they use snow to clean their dirty fur. The average percentage of polar bears hunt is only 2 percent.

Polar Bears has Sparkly Poop

There’s a zoo in Canada that uses non-toxic glitters as their way to monitor the health of each Polar bear living in the zoo. It is also used to track their hormones and identify them. That’s the reason why their poop appears sparkly.

Penguins and Polar Bears do not live together

Believe it or not, but polar bears and penguins do not live together. They both live in a cold and icy place, but they don’t meet. They live in two different locations; Penguins live in the Southern hemisphere while Polar bears live in the Arctic.


Polar bears are one of the amazing creatures living on the planet. Their huge size and unique characteristics can make them distinct from other animals. If we still don’t take action on stopping climate change or finding ways to help these creatures, then our future generation will not be able to see one.

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