Pnina Golan- a magical kingdom in Had Ness

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Pnina Golan- a magical kingdom in Had Ness

Many people want a trip in green and enchanting landscape that makes them energized. If you are also one of them, make a pan for Pnina Golan that is located only in front of the pearl Golan magical kingdom Had Ness.

People you are looking for a boutique hotel with a vast pool, Kinneret, then there is nothing best place that is also known as the gem in the Golan Heights. Pnina Golan, a magical kingdom in Had Ness. You will be able to spend the best time of your life here at affordable rates.

Spend your vacations are a moment about the best way to pamper ourselves in Golan Heights.

North vacation suites with all the amenities are here in Magic Kingdom Had Ness.

There are six luxury suites with different types of services. Two luxuries suites are extra. Furthermore, you will find a pool, huge spa Jacuzzi, and more. Moreover, our outclass services allow you to take healthy meals approved by the nutritionists.

However, there are many natural and humanmade attractions near Pnina Golan that make your trip more mesmerizing and remarkable like:

  • Ha Yarden Park
  • Luna Gal- Water Park
  • Mt of beatitudes
  • Jordan River
  • Israel Bible Museum
  • Mount Canaan
  • Artist Colony
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Hexagon Pool
  • Marina

Luxury suits in Pnina Golan

Pnina Golan luxury suites offer a wooden platform where you will find the hot tub that is located adjacent pastoral window. You can enjoy amazing views from the window that invites you to open a bottle of red or white wine.

However, all accommodation units are air-conditioned and come with a furnished balcony. A flat-screen satellite TV with a DVD player is also available. Furthermore, each suite has a kitchen with a microwave and a fridge. All the luxury units come with a spa bath, while private bathrooms also come with a shower. We can even say that these suits are luxury suites in the Golan Heights.  

The Resort Pnina Golan offers also offers a sauna, a hot tub, and a garden. You can enjoy an array of activities in the surroundings, like horse riding, cycling, table tennis, and billiards.

Private pools in Pnina Golan

In addition to the hot-Tab or spa bath in every suite, you will find a heated pool in the courtyard the size of a Tel Aviv apartment average. You are always welcome in the heated pool, even in winter.

It is the best place that allows you to find the gem of Golan Heights. All the suites comprise private heated pools. The couples can enjoy their bath with full privacy. However, these pools are also perfect for friends and families.

If you tell in advance for any special events like anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoons, etc., the hosts will rig luxurious B & B just for you and for the event you are going to celebrate. If you want, you can quickly consult a gem in the Golan regarding Attractions for special occasions.

To increase the romance, you can also visit other attractions in Golan Heights.

If you want more information regarding this magic gem in Golan Heights, please visit Golan Exposure.


Zimmer in Northern Israel. Tourism in Northern Israel - Exposure to the Golan.

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