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Whether you are invited for a leisurely family celebration, a classy work desk or an exclusive New Year’s event, each year-end party has its own dress code. Are you afraid that you color outside the lines with…

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The bad habits that are bad for love are these

At the beginning of a love everything seems perfect but then, thanks to everyday life, small habits creep in that can wear down the relationship. Here are the most insidious dynamics that ruin a couple…

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What is a good diet to lose weight?

Losing weight can be done in many ways, but they are not all healthy and effective over a longer period. Atkins, Montagne, Food hourglass, Sonja Bakker, detoxes or the Oerdietet: if…

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Eat and live healthily and stay younger and healthier

What we wrote centuries ago still applies today: a healthy mind and a healthy body cannot be viewed separately. Because how you feel affects your body. And if the body is not…

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How to be happy

Happiness – isn’t that what everyone struggles to find and maintain? Nobody is always happy, but some are definitely more satisfied than others. Research reveals that achieving happiness has little to do…

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