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Donald Trump surrounded from the inside

Another week, other controversies for the President of the United States. Over the past few days, Donald Trump and the cream of his secret services have unearthed the hatchet while…

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Facebook Page Reunites Florida Homeless Man And Dog

James Bryan of Hudson, Florida is a local homeless man who has been reunited with his dog after three weeks. Mr. Bryan became homeless after loosing his farm and then…

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Discovery of a missing link in dinosaurs

An international team of researchers has found two specimens of Alvarezsaurus in China that have never been seen before. These new fossilized theropods solve a mystery in the evolution of…

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UK To Ban Puppy And Kitten Farms

The British government wants to ban the sale of puppies and kittens outside breeders and animal shelters to combat the “terrible conditions” in which some animals are raised. “The ban…

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at least 400 death and dozens missing in Floods in India

The death toll from a flood in the southern Indian state of Kerala was close to 400 on Monday as authorities handed out drugs and disinfectants to prevent illness in…

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