Moving to the USA from India: A Starter Guide (2021)

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Thinking about moving out can really be exciting. Isn’t it? Exploring new places, people, and the new you. The delight of starting a new journey rushes through your veins. But this new, unknown experience also brings a weird fear. The fear of not being able to leave the homely red soil, the call of the cuckoo, and the warmth and ease of the known people. 

Adjusting to the unfamiliar atmosphere can indeed be tough. More if you’re not well prepared beforehand. And it is obvious to make mistakes if you’re newly moving out. 

But don’t you worry! Here are some things you can do to make things easier in the run. 

1 Do your Paperwork

This is the most important thing you must do before you move to the USA. Facing problems due to documentation issues is the last thing you would want. Things you should take care of include: 

2 Correction of your Passport

Passports can reflect errors even if you have filled the application form correctly. Check for the errors and ask for corrections before you move out. 

3 Get your IDP

Staying in a suburban place means less transportation support. And the best thing you can do is drive yourself. File for your IDP (International Driving Permit) beforehand, at least 15-20 days before you leave. 

4 Aadhar Formalities and Bank account KYC

In many cases, the phone number stays unlinked to the Aadhar. Before leaving make sure every Aadhar formality is done correctly because you wouldn’t want to spend extra dollars just to return to India for correcting your Aadhar. 

Also, update your bank details and KYC. If you are planning to stay in the US for a long time, you can close all your bank accounts and accumulate them into one account for easier management. You will have to close your DMAT account as well if you have any.

5 Look at your Pending Income Tax

Have you filed all your tax returns? If not, make sure you complete all the formalities. Look for settling other paper works too, be it your bills, home papers, etc. Take all measures so that you don’t have to return. 

#6 Do not forget to carry your important papers

Lastly, pack all your documents— degree papers, study documents, etc. because you never know when you might need them!

Health Essentials

1. Carry your medicines

Finding a doctor can be tough during the initial days of staying in the US. Plus, visiting the chemist shop and purchasing medicines every now and then is not as simple as it is in India. It can cost you dollars! It’s always a good idea to carry all your medicines so that you can stay away from medical emergencies as much as possible.

2. Fix your existing health problems

Go through a check-up while you are in India. Detect the health problems you might not be aware of and treat them religiously. It’s better to travel without any illness. Have your routine dental and eye check-up, get your issues fixed, and carry your glasses. Health should always be your priority. 

3. Purchase Health Insurance

Medical expenses in the US can reach heights. A simple doctor visit can break your bank. Moving out and adjusting to the new environment can get even harder if any medical emergencies make a hole in your pocket. 

Purchase your Visitor health insurance to cover all such scenarios. 

Benefits of Visitor Health Insurance

  • Coverage for emergency medical needs.
  • Emergency evacuation.
  • Coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.
  • Covid-19 coverage.
  • Family floater policy.

Get your US VISA

Apply for your US VISA months before you leave. Don’t leave it for the last minute. If you are a student planning to move to the US for education, you will need to apply for an F1 student visa. 

Plan your temporary stay

Once you get your VISA, have your hotel or rental apartment booked for your temporary stay so that you get enough time to move your possessions and set up your home. 

Get your social security number

Apply for your social security number so that the government can see how much you earn and verify if you are eligible for retirement benefits. 

Open your American bank account

Having your American bank account will make transactions smoother and easier. For opening your bank account, you will have to provide your immigration documents, passport, address, and social security number. Do your own research so that you don’t face any problems. 

Sum up  

Last but not the least, don’t forget to spend some time with your family and friends before you leave. Returning now and then is not easy and you don’t know when you will meet them again. Before taking your flight, make sure you tick off all the things necessary. Better to have a checklist handy!

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