MAC Technique Make-up Courses: How to Participate

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Do you want to learn how to make up like Mac Cosmetics makeup artists? The Canadian brand organizes make-up lessons for experts and beginners. From Smokey eyes to highlights, from applying eyeliner and false lashes to graphic looks. The Mac Technique application also helps us in the search for the make-up course closest to us! Mac Technique offers a wide range of workshops that focus on different types of make-up. Check out Namshi Discount Code for nude look to stenographic make-up, from the art of ‘No Makeup-Makeup’ to catwalk looks or for photo shoots.

The group seminars are in fact based on 13 techniques, which teach how to transform a day make-up into an evening one, to create a perfect face base or to imitate the make-up of celebrities. Both people who have no knowledge of make-up and expert make-up artists can therefore attend Mac Technique make-up courses. The workshops host groups of up to 10 people, who will have the opportunity to learn the techniques and secrets of makeup directly from the Mac Makeup Artists.


Namshi Coupon offers its best MUAs to guide us in the discovery of make-up from A to Z. Here are the 13 Mac Techniques make-up courses in detail. To find the makeup course closest to us, Mac Cosmetics has released an application for phones and tablets. Once the geolocation has been carried out and the course of interest has been chosen, the app will provide us with a list of all the make-up lessons available in our area and we will be able to book our seminar.

Furthermore, the Mac Technique application is also useful for archiving our face charts, marking the products used during the workshop, archiving photos and videos of the results. In this way, all participants will be able to recreate the looks without errors at home and independently!


With Beauty idea have received an invitation to participate, together with other bloggers, in a Mac Technique make-up course held by the talented make-up artist in Namshi Code. The lesson took place at the shop in via Dante in Milan, the second Mac Pro Store in the Lombard capital. Here there is an area dedicated to training, with many stations for each participant.

How are the stations organized? Everyone has make-up brushes and products for the base, eye make-up and lip make-up available. There are also makeup removers and accessories useful for removing makeup. In addition, each person has a professional mirror, ideal for seeing well the work done.

The make-up artist explains how to do the make-up and performs the demonstration on the model while everyone can try their hand at making the make-up on themselves. The make-up artist then closely follows all the participants to give targeted advice. Each course obviously has a different theme; the one I followed is called ‘ The styled eye ‘ and is a workshop entirely dedicated to the most intriguing eye makeup: It includes a magnetic and intense gaze, a homogeneous and luminous face base and nude lip makeup.

Personally, I chose the softer version of this eye make-up, so I opted for an anthracite gray with mini glitter that I faded until it turned into a smoky gray. The black pencil on the upper lash line and in the inner rim of the eye then defined the gaze. A coat of curling and valorizing mascara and a light touch-up of the eyebrows with the pencil to complete the eye make-up.

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