Lists best IPTV smart players 2020.

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IPTV is an excellent way to watch TV through devices such as smartphones, computers and smart TVs, and you can use many different applications. Most of the best IPTV options offer resolutions up to 4K in most cases.

If you are interested in a pay TV plan, but do not know which plan to choose, it is a brilliant idea to reconsider and understand some of the best IPTV options (which may replace other options).

Check out th list of best IPTV smart players 2020:

Have you heard of KODI?

Kodi has many add-ons to add channels, like Crackle and Google Drive, so you can watch any content. It also has different themes to suit your wishes exactly, and there are no ads.

Gears TV

In fact, the first of the best IPTV options is Gears TV. This alternative method has only channels in the USA, English and Canada, with no Brazilian or subtitles. Therefore, it is ideal for those who speak English and are interested in international channels. It has more than 400 full HD channels, in addition to ensuring access to all major sporting events in the United States, such as basketball and football.

Secure IPTV

Secure IPTV is another excellent alternative to list iptv, with more than 20,000 channels in all plans. Fundamentally, these channels are only available for SD and HD, and among the more advanced channels, you can also find FullHD and 4K. It has three plans: basic plan, advanced plan and special plan.

The difference between the first two is the quality of reproduction. Between the last two, the special edition has two access points, while the premium edition has only one.

Core Play IPTV

Another of the best IPTV options is Core Play, which can provide users with more than 20,000 channels. Your plan is very affordable, only R $ 24.00 per month and R $ 15.00 per additional access point, with a total limit of 9 points.

It has subtitle channels, programming guides, possibility of use in browsers, smartphones, tablets and many other devices. If there are any problems, the resolution provided is up to 4K and technical support is provided from Monday to Friday.


The list of IPTV clubs is the last on our IPTV list. The club has more than 20,000 channels, including subtitles, international, sports, football, cartoons, etc. Among them, you can find two plans, the only difference being the most expensive video-on-demand service. It has resolutions up to 4K, programming guides, and access rights on all platforms, from desktops to smartphones and smart TVs


The last item on our list is another IPTV player, available for Android and iOS. Supports Chromecast, VOD playlist, real-time playback (with automatic reconnection) etc.

In GSE, you will find several themes, you can add subtitles to the content and 31 different languages ​​for the interface. To use, users must provide their own content through M3U lists and other formats.

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