Like to skate in a retro way?

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I know what you are thinking, it has been a long time since I wrote a skate blog post and it will be even longer before I write about a subject I am not an expert in, but I have been reading a lot of older skate blogs and many of the bloggers focused on the subject so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot.

Why Are People Asking About Skating In A Retro Way?

As the years go by, technology improves, and new gadgets appear on the market. Often these gadgets are created with the retro design aesthetic in mind, and this influences the way they function and the way they look. So it is with skateboards, which is probably why so many people are asking about skating in a retro way these days.

I mean, look at this skateboard, it has retro lines and curves on it which make it look like it was designed in the 1950s or 1960s. Also, the graphics are mostly from the retro era too.

Are Skating And Fashion A Good Mix?

You bet they are! Wearing fashionable clothing while doing your day-to-day activities is something everyone should be able to enjoy. What is more, having a fashionable outfit while being able to kick up your heels and have some fun is an experience everyone should strive for. So if you are looking for ways to inject a bit of luxury into your life, why not try out some of the retro designs out there?

When it comes to fashion and skateboard graphics, many fashion designers have created limited edition skateboards with their designs imprinted on the deck. So if you love their designs and want to outfit yourself as a trendy skater, then this is the perfect opportunity to do so. It is also a great way to make your mark on the fashion scene and to show everyone how much you care about their style.

Retro Designs Bring A Touch Of Class

Retro designs are fashionable, and they are also functional, so you are getting two delicious pieces of cake here. What is more, having retro designs on your skateboard not only makes you look cool, but it also makes you feel a bit more connected to your past, and that is what class is all about.

A luxury brand that creates limited edition skateboards with its designs imprinted on the deck is Lonsdale, and one of their designs is named after one of the most iconic female tennis players of all time, Billie Jean King. The board is named after King’s legendary Battle of the Sexes competition, and this board is definitely a conversation starter. When someone sees you skating with this board, they will automatically think of King, and what she meant for women’s rights in general, and tennis in particular.

Owning A Piece Of History

Another great thing about skating in a retro way is that not only do you get to look cool and connect with your past, but you also get to be part of history. After all, many of the retro designs originated in the 1960s and ’70s, and now that they are back, it is like they have been given a second life. So if you are a skater looking for a piece of nostalgia, then owning a roller skates with one of the most iconic logos from that era is an excellent way to go.

Yes, owning a piece of history certainly has its perks.

Keep Your Connection To The Past But Update Your Look

You don’t have to be stuck wearing a sweater vest and parachute pants to feel like you are from the retro era. All you need is some cool graphic gear, like vintage skateboards, and you will instantly look and feel like you belong there.

By incorporating modern technology while still keeping your connection to the past, you can achieve a unique look which is both fashionable and functional. So if you want to inject some luxury into your life and outfit yourself with style, then retro designs are the way to go.

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