Kundali matching or love matching?

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Since our childhood, we have believed in destiny. Some of us knew our destiny. Not the subtle way that everyone claims to know, but the Hindu tradition has made it very unsubtle to describe our destiny, especially in the terms of our marriage.

A janmakshar is a very premium and specially customized horoscope. This is figured out based on the position of stars and other celestial bodies at the time and date of birth of a human. This information is transferred to our Janam kundali. A janamakshar or a Janam kundali gives us a map of our lives that Vedic astrologers make and they use it to predict anything about us from our temper, career, future incidents, and love life too.

Different astrologers are gifted by birth and others who are not very gifted may use a book or, nowadays software is used by astrologers for predictions. India has possibly the greatest number of astrologers than the rest of the world combined because most of the people are Hindu and there is a huge population who seek advice from an astrologer. For the auspicious occasion of marriage, kundali matching is the work of an astrologer.

There are cases of people who migrated overseas and with their migration, their astrological beliefs of kundali matching for marriage also migrated. Many people often come back to India only to get services from the best astrologers for kundali matching if they have an upcoming marriage in their family.

Over the years there may be some of the predictions which come true. Even predictions about the health concerns of a couple after marriage according to kundali matching seem to come true.

But kundali matching is not always been the best experience for everyone, many marriages have failed even after having a good match. The astrologers look into kundali matching through the view of celestial bodies. As already stated above, kundali matching by date of birth is for the welfare of marital life. A renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla says “The importance of matching is very essential in life if you want your marriage to be successful”. One of the main reasons for this is the nature of a person is compared through their horoscope in kundali matching. This can predict the sincerity of your partner in marriage, with your family and you.

There are 8 gunas, which are considered while Kundali matching in astrological charts.

  • Varna- Development of ego.
  • Vashya- Attraction between couples.
  • Tara- Body health and hygiene.
  • Yoni- Compatibility based on the biological aspect.
  • Graha Maitri- Based on a spiritual and intellectual level.
  • Gan- Temperament
  • Bhakut- Welfare of the family.
  • Nadi- Appearance, and charm.

These Gunas are assigned with points and there is a total of 36 points and a match is considered very ideal if you have more than 27 points. Less than 18 points is not a good sign.

Kundali matching has been around for a while and it is expected to stay in a society, we have modified it but this tradition still exists in the minds of our society.


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