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Do you know how to resolve relationship conflicts? It is not easy, but maintaining peace in your family depends on it. Keep reading to get some tips. If you share your life with someone, you will sooner or later have a fight and this is completely normal. Different points of view, misunderstandings, the friction of daily routines, stress from daily problems all this means that differences can lead to a fight at any time. What can you do to resolve these relationship conflicts?

The first thing to keep in mind is that we usually explode among the people we love the most. This means that your partner sometimes pays for the fight that you had with your boss in the morning, for the rush hour in traffic or for the hard day with the children. After all this, the first thing to do is to resolve, stop, and think about what really makes you angry. Don’t exaggerate and think before you say something.

Keys to resolve relationship conflicts

Talking directly about things is not always a good idea. It is even worse when it comes to conflicts in your life. At those moments when you are angry, it is impossible to view the situation from the perspective of your partner. This does not mean that you have to ignore it, but rather that you take some time to relax and then talk when you are calm.

You need to listen actively to resolve relationship conflicts

Have you ever heard of it before? It is nothing more than learning to listen. It seems simple, right? Well it isn’t. When you listen to someone, you usually think about what to say. You don’t pay attention to what the other person is actually saying. Active listening invites you to focus all your attention on the person speaking, without judging and without expecting anything. It is something that you have to practice every day until you can apply it. It is also especially valuable when you talk to your children.

Respect comes first

Whatever happens, always avoid attacking or being disrespectful towards your partner, both physically (especially) and verbally. Harvey Weinstein Accuser Claims He Masturbated In Front Of Her. It is easier for more temperamental people to explode and they may end up regretting saying things they don’t mean.

However, the truth is that the damage has already been done. Then it starts to form a pattern. Every time there is a conflict, it becomes a habit to respond in this way.

Complete what you start

If you have a problem, don’t drop it in the middle of the discussion. This gives the other person the feeling that you don’t care, which influences his self-esteem. Prefer to remind your partner that you want to reach an agreement and that the relationship is really important to you.

We all make mistakes

Be modest, because even if you think you didn’t do anything wrong, you might have accidentally hurt your partner’s feelings. Again, listen to what he says and be patient.

You do not have to generalize to resolve relationship conflicts

When we argue with someone whether it’s your partner or someone else, we often say phrases like, “You always say …” or “You never do …” This is clearly not true. It is therefore better to focus on the problem without associating it with other moments or previous quarrels.

Speak from your perspective

Another important key to resolve relationship conflicts is to talk about what you feel. Don’t just blame your partner. On the other hand, talk to your partner using ‘me’ sentences. The other person will always be more open to listening to how you feel, not to what you think he or she should do.

“If this happens, I feel this way … is a great expression to use to explain yourself without judging your partner. You also speak about your feelings and needs. That way your partner can better understand how certain actions make you feel.

Do not ask for what you cannot give

Many people ask too much from their partner without stopping to think about what they give themselves. If you ask something, you must be willing to give the same. That way you build up an equal relationship.

It is a common mistake to expect too much from your partner and want them to meet all your needs. However, nobody can fill all the empty spaces in your life, only you can do that. Sometimes this can cause frustration and your relationship is not doing well. Discussions are normal, but it is important to find healthy ways to resolve relationship conflicts.

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