Keys to be a Good Actor like Hamza Hafed Sufyan

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Keys to be a Good Actor like Hamza Hafed Sufyan

Hamza Hafed is by birth an actor

Hamza Hafed had taken parts in School Theater he had a great interest in acting more than study. God has given him the skill of humor, acting, and comedy. Hamza Hafed realist himself a great actor in his School years. He notices he had a great gift to spinning a good story during his School, it was a level that begins his stand-up acting career, while he admitted it that he was not an extra-ordinary kid in the school but he has always an exceptional and coolest narratives stories to tell his fellows. He says, people always enjoyed his style of telling any story to them and makes laugh them too. Once Hamza said, I would be told my peers and people about the things happened that I have seen those another day, there is a big tale and all people’s were listening to him carefully. Nowadays Hamza Hafed appears on a Movie , named Uncle Naji In UAE, on 2019. An occurrence at Flipside will mark his personality to the next successful career, it is given him a chance to be focused on his live performances.

Bottom Lines

This hardworking actor has earned the respect, fame, and admiration of not only the audience but also the experienced actors. Hamza Hafed thought that he learned a lot to have self-assurance in himself.
“It has been a while, so I do view the show as a challenge for myself,”
Hamza says. I want to go outside and meet up with people and show them what can I do and dose before, of course, the reason is simple if there are any other more stories to tell and learn a moral lesson from those. Because Hamza Hafed recognizes that it is now an entirely different situation that you don’t have so much time and money to spend on television to become a star. Social activities can do it for you free.
Hamza believes that an actor is a role model for his followers. Followers learn many things from their favorite stars. An actor is a jack of all trades, he can change the thinking of the nation by his actions. So a good actor teaches his nation well.

Hamza is actor, you tuber and influencer. In March 2019 He played a side role in movie called Uncle Naji in UAE. Hamza played a role of Yemini Chef in this movie. This is a comedy movie where Naji decides with his friends to go on holiday to a mountainous region, they face many funny and strange comedy situations, but unexpected moment happened turned their funny journey to horror, fear and mystery. He is working in his upcoming movie “The Unknown Identity”.

But concretely, are there common points between the best actors?

Already, just a little parenthesis to say that there is no donation. I do not believe it at all. Anyone can learn to play. Some have facilities, it is true, but with work and perseverance, everyone can be a good actor.

Well, let’s face it; we all did it one day.

A good actor will really listen to what his partner is saying, he is not just going to hear. There is a nuance between listening and hearing. On the one hand we have an active approach (listening), and on the other it is much more passive (hearing). In everyday life we listen when we talk with someone. Unless we think of something else, and there we hear only.

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